Aug 15, 2010

Ten Tumultuous but Terrific Years

Okay, well only tumultuous if you consider they were filled with constant schooling, crazy boy-children, excessive student loans, and moves across country and across continents.  Mostly they've been terrific.  Transcendent even.

Darling Douglas Devon,

On our ten year anniversary, I would like to profess to the world ten things I love about you:

1.  I love that you have put up with me for ten whole years and you still love me.
2.  I love that you make me laugh everyday.  (Whether it be at you or with you.)
3.  I love it when you laugh out loud when reading my blog.  (It's happened about 5 times total now.)
4.  I love that you love kids.
4a.  I love that you're a great dad to our kids.
5.  I love that you encourage me to be a potter and have "Boy's Night" when I'm pottering.
5a.  I also love that you love lots of the same things I do; i.e., reading, travel, good music, good food, etc.
6.  I love that you are always trying to be a better person.  Spiritually, Physically, (yowza!) and Financially.
6a.  But I hate Dave Ramsey
7.  I love that you are such a crappy, crappy liar.  (And that you've only told one fib in the last ten years.)
8.  I love the fact that you honor your priesthood and married me in the temple.
9.  I love knowing I'm married to a man with (excessive) integrity and moral courage.
10.  I love your hot bod.

Now, here are ten things I would change about you:

Just kidding.

Okay, maybe one...
Quit raising your eyebrows at me!

Just kidding.

(But really...)

Just so you know, I have not once in 3,650 days, (that's 87,600 hours) ever regretted marrying you.  Not even when you put that fake lizard in the microwave and made me scream really loud.  Not even when you hide Baby Jesus to torment me.  Not even when you try (unsuccessfully) to tell me what to do or raise your eyebrows at me.  Nope, not even then.

I'll love you forever.

Sincerely Your Favorite Human and Adoring Wife,

Emily Deon

P.S.  These childhood pictures of us both on a beach and both wearing red shorts, prove we were destined to be together.

P.P.S.  Don't even get me started on our middle names...



Lyana said...

YAY! Happy Anniversary!!
I hope Doug does stop raising his eyebrows at you:)
And I now I am laughing really hard at your middle names situation too.

Linz said...

Happy 10th anniversary!! You guys are such a wonderful couple!!

Natasha and Jesse said...

Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

Natasha from:

Bartimaeus said...

I love you TEN times as much as you love me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

you guys are so sweet and such a good example of how to love. i have always thought so, and now is the time i finally say it. i've always looked up to you both. miss you!

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! By the way, that last picture looks like sammy with long hair, too funny!

cookingwithgas said...

Just checking in and I have been all over your blog- what a great life you are living!
Potters- just that age old who is good and who is not and now they want to say how we should use our blogs- not deep enough- blah!
Thanks for stopping in I'll be back!