Aug 27, 2010

Charlotte's Web

Gabey has a new friend.  Her name is Charlotte.  Every morning he goes out on the front porch to look for her and asks;
"Weo Chah-yot, Mommy?"
And I say;
"She's sleeping!"
"Yep!  She only comes out at night to hunt!"
And then he's satisfied and goes on with his day of asking for food ("I hun-gee Mommy!")
and trips to the park ("I go WOCKET PAWK Mommy?")
and play dates with Ashley. ("I pay Ashee's house Mommy???  PEEEEASE!?!?)


The other night I told Doug again:
"You've really got to get a picture of Charlotte.  She's getting HUGE."

And this time he listened.  He got his camera and The Bludgeon (Mag Light) and went outside.

Then he called me out to assist.

"You shine the light on it so I can focus.  Then turn it off when I tell you and I'll take the picture."

We did this a few times.  Standing outside of our dark house, at 11 p.m., pointing a camera and flashlight towards the darkened front window.

And then our neighbor pulled up and got out of his car.

Him:  sounding disturbed "Uh...everything okay?"

Us:  embarrassed chuckle "Yep!  Just taking a picture of a giant spider!"


Meet Gabey's friend Charlotte:

The whole family has been keeping an eye on her for the past few months.  She has a fairly enormous web (which is rebuilt in the same exact spot whenever it gets knocked down by wind, rain, or large prey) and she's gotten huge over the summer.  Maybe three inches at her longest?

I don't bother her because I like her right where she is:  OUTSIDE my home.

Besides, my kids have always wanted a pet!  And Charlotte feeds and walks HERSELF!  (I'm such a selfless Mom!)

Here are a few more pics since I know you're all as fascinated as Gabey:

Pretty cool web, eh?
Dinner time!

This post is dedicated to my sister Laura who, as a child, slipped her foot into a clean sock only to find it full of freshly-hatched spider babies.  She's been terrified of all arachnids ever since.  Laura, if you're still reading at this point, I'll go outside and eat Charlotte for dinner!


Linz said...

Oh... my... ugh. I have no words. I would die. Of course, I live with bats on my front porch, so am I really one to get grossed out?

Neat pictures, thought. They could probably win a contest somewhere...

Glad Gab likes that horrible thing. ;)

Kristina P. said...

You guys are the coolest parents on the planet.

My husband would have shot that thing full of Raid before our kid would have ever seen it.

Saimi said...

I hate spiders, but like you I'd rather have it outside the house. How does the old saying go, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?"

Eeeek great pictures!