Jun 17, 2010

Next Stop: Lunch (and Dessert) in Matsushima Bay

Wanna know one of the many things I LOOOOOOOVE about Japan?

Vending machine ice cream!!!
Only 120 Yen (roughly $1.50) for delicious dessert on a stick!!!

Guaranteed to make travel-weary kids happy!  (And admittedly, Mom's too.)  (I don't recommend the Sweet Potato particularly.  It's not great.  But all the other flavors I've tried have been fabulous!)

Also, just because we brought sandwiches, doesn't mean we can't pose with 
the happy tofu!  

At least...I THINK it's tofu....
Me:  "Hey Doug!  Take a picture of me with this happy tofu-looking thingy!"
Boys:  Dad's taking a picture...must get in picture!!!
Doug:  Shakes head sadly but takes picture anyway.

Also, check out this super snappy tour guide:



Kristina P. said...

That is even better than the ice cream man!

Emily said...

loving that your kids give the peace sign in every picture now...

goofy feet said...

you're making me miss japan! it's an adventure everyday over there. so, my fav ice cream. it's a rectangle shape, looks like it's a big wafffle and is filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate. i can live w/out the bean paste flavor!

Connie said...

i can't get over how stinkin' good looking your kids are