Jun 25, 2010

It's Just Another...It's Just Another Daaaaay!

Today Max decided to risk death by reconnecting the T.V. to the outlet and to the cable so the boys could watch cartoons in the wee hours of the morning.  (Next time I take drastic measures guess I'll have to use a baseball bat.)

Today the boys ate half a container full of cookies before I was even out of bed.  (Sorry neighbors and VT ladies!  No cookies fo you!)

Today Healthy (Spin Class Teaching/Marathon Running/Vegetable Eating) Friend Janeen dragged me on a million mile walk with her and her crazy walking buddies.  ALMOST KILLED ME!  And NOW I have a BLISTER on my FOOT!  BAH!!!

Today Sammy dialed 911 and hung up eliciting a visit from Security Forces.  (A man and woman--both with large fire arms--showed up and scared the CRAP out of him!)  He said his body made him dial and he couldn't help it.  (I should have reported Janeen for trying to kill me!)

Today Gabey wrapped his grubby little arms around my neck and said "I ya you, Mommy!"

Today Maxwell kept taking breaks from playing outside to curl up and read "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".  (You have no idea how ecstatically happy this makes me!!!)

Today Gabey said "I hungee Mommy!  Mommy, I hungee!!!" 6,328 times.

Today I considered and reconsidered the pregnancy vs. adoption vs. IVF question for the umpteenth time.  (Would someone PLEASE just give me a BABY GIRL?!?  PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!)

Today Jessica, my new "Mother's Helper" came for the first time.  And I got to run two errands ALONE!!!  (I already adore you, Jessica!)

Today it was so hot and humid, nursing almost killed me.  (But you're so worth it little Gray-Gray!)

Today Sammy sighed and pouted dramatically 67 times.

Today Gabe ran away and was found--soaking wet--playing with the neighbor kids in their sprinkler.

Today we were invited to have dinner with friends and ate a LOT of meat (fajitas) and (homemade Oreo) ice cream.  And it was DE-LI-CIOUS!!!  (OK, I ate a lot.  Doug ate a tiny bit.  He's pretty much a health nut these days.)

Today on the way to dinner Samuel yelled out the car window to his friend...

Today we cleaned the house in preparation for the huge "Farewell Brunch" we're hosting here in the morning.  Crepes anyone?

TODAY was just another FABULOUSish day!!!
(walk not withstanding.)

What did YOU do today?

There's a smile on my face . . . For everyone 
There's a golden coin . . . That reflects the sun 
There's a lonely place . . . That's always cold 
There's a place in the stars . . . For when you get old...

--Oingo Boingo

P.S.  You're all a bunch of lazy, lazy, lazy bloggers!  ('cept YOU Heather!)  How is my fabulous Technology Meme supposed to circle the globe if NONE OF YOU DO IT!?!?!  Thanks for crushing my delusions of grandeur!!!  I have half a mind to not post the last installment of my Matsushima Bay report as PUNISHMENT!  HA!  That'll learn ya!


Linz said...

Um... *shuffles feet*... sorry about the meme. I'm lame.

But it sounds like you had a fun day! Hopefully Sam is sufficiently scared not to prank call 911 again. Good times!

Tricks are for Kidds said...

Loved your post about your day. Once again it got me thinking and then writing. Thanks for the inspiration. (Now I definitely need to get off the computer and work on my Relief Society lesson.)

Susan Rozier said...

Emily, I JUST LOVE your style of writing, your whimsicalness, your slight exaggerations, and interesting informative travelougues. What darling boys you have! What a creative mother THEY have. Love, Aunt Sue, who seldom has a complete sentence in her repertoire!

goofy feet said...

i love reading about other mom's days! makes my couch covered in ball point pen today seem so normal!