Dec 19, 2009

...And Blank-O Was His Name-O

So, you know we're having a(nother) boy, right? I've mentioned that? Well, I'm having a little problem. I need a name. See, we've already bestowed 6 total boy names. And frankly, I'm out of favorites. Add to that the fact that we unwittingly started a tradition and now we have to stick with it. (Lest boy number four feel like the ugly step-sister of the family.)

The tradition is this: For better or worse, all the boys have names that end in "L". Not only that, they have names that can be (and are frequently) shortened and/or abbreviated.

Let's review:

Maxwell=Max/Maxer/Maxer-boy. (We avoid Maxi for obvious reasons.)
Samuel=Sam/Samers/Sammy-boy/Hey You Little Punk!
Gabriel=Gabe/Gabers/Gabey-Baby/Gabe the Babe/Gabey-boy.

Initialized, we have MSG. Not good for your health, but that's what we've got.

That's where we're coming from. Now we need to name boy child number 4 and I'm a little stumped. Not that there aren't plenty of options, it's just that I don't love any of them.

Take the name Michael for example. I really like this name. However, I don't like Mikey, and I'm not overly fond of "Mike". (And lets face it, Miker doesn't work.) And so he would have to stay Michael. And that hardly seems fair...! PLUS, I don't want another "M" name! I want to branch out!

(See all of the above reasons for why we will now eliminate "Mitchell".)

Next, we have Nathaniel and Daniel. Both fine names. I don't have a problem with either one. It's just that I don't LOVE either one. Do I really have to use a name I don't love just because it "fits"? I don't know. Maybe one of them will grow on me, but they're not currently at the top of my non-existent list.

So now we start to dig a little deeper and get a little more creative.

My friend Roxanna offered "Lemuel" as a suggestion!

Well, HEY, that works! It ends with "L" and it's not common at all, which is a bonus! The only problem is Lemuel is one of the biggest "bad guys" in the whole Book of Mormon. And I happen to be Mormon. Therefore, Lemuel=Mormon Party Foul.
(Roxanna thinks she's so funny!)

Now, for awhile there, I was leaning towards Dashiel. Yes, I did steal it directly from "The Incredibles" and yes that is a strike against it. But "Dash" is a really cute name!!!! (Don't deny it!)

So I threw it out at a dinner party the other night with two other families present. All three men in attendance gave it a big thumbs down. And as one pointed out, "What if he isn't FAST!? He'd HAVE to be fast! And BLOND, but what if he ISN'T??? Then you have Name=FAIL!"

Well. I can't guarantee he'll be fast. Or blond. (Non-fast, non-blond=Sammy) And I don't want the mean kids to trip him. So Dasheil is off the table. (Plus, it looks funny when I type it a breed of dog.)

Last but not least, inspired by the recent Christmas songs playing constantly at our house, we have Israel and Emmanuel.
Problems: I'd always be singing "Oh Come, Oh Come Eeeemmahhhhhnuuuuel".
And I'd be forever pronouncing Israel as "Iiiiiihhhhsssssss-RRRiiiiii-Ellllllll!!!!"

But, what other choice to I have? I'm out of alternatives.
Emmanuel it is. A little pretentious perhaps, but he'll grow into it.

In the mean time, I'll call him "Emma".

I've always liked that name!!!


Linz said...

So, do you have to have an L at the end? Is that a rule? I mean, you could always name him Trad. ;)

But really - you name him whatever you think is best. I personally like Dashiel the best.

Lucy said...


FOX said...

Well I am currently (because of you) enjoying reading a website that allows you to search baby names by last letter. I was liking some like "Kimball" and then the normals like "Nathaniel" and even reading the ones I don't like, like "Randall"... BUT then I got to SHOVEL... and then I KNEW I had helped you... problem solved! Shovel it is!!!

If it is on the baby website it has to be usable!!!

Jenn said...

you make me laugh! My grandpas name was Merrill :)


Good Luck!

Rhianna said...

You could name him Russell.

Thats an L.

Jennfier said...

How about Joel?

Linz said...

Oooo! I like Joel too!

Lizzy said...

i vote for ezekial

call him zeik

so cute

FOX said...

sorry joel is out... no single syllable names... breaks the trend... and it is not a fav of mine (no offense others :)

but I carry a lot of weight... (in the form of a metal body cast) but none the less... a lot of weight!!!

OH but I will take ANY name over Emmanuel!!!! Unless you want me to call him "handy manny" for his whole life as a repercussion!!!

Kylie said...

I like Ezekiel too. Way cute. Our kid's name is Basil and then there's the similar Cecil which I think is kind of cute too. Also, Marshall?

FOX said...

HAHAHA I love this advice you are getting! If you name your kid after Brandon's snake that would be a total hoot!!!! At least it wouldn't be after the snake you blew up! LITERALLY!!!!!

Jessi said...

You make me laugh.

Good luck!

Bartimaeus said...

Plus you spelled Dashiel two different ways.

acte gratuit said...

I actually do like Ezekial! Does it matter I've never read that book in the Bible? (Is that a book in the Bible?)
And Chrissy, I can't be bothered to consider Brandon's pet snake names. He had a million pet snakes!

I can't believe there are so many choices out there! I was missing a MILLION!

THANKS everyone!!! You've given me a lot more choices. I guess I can take Emmanuel off the table now!

Melissa Abby said...

I like Ezekiel, good suggestion!

Linz said...

I'm on board with Ezekial. Ziek is a great nickname too! (you may want to read the book of Ezekial first, just for good measure! ;))

Lyana said...

Sorry, do not like Ezekial. (but you can never make everyone happy)

I like Daniel. And I like Russell (that's Mark's middle name after Robert's middle name).

Just don't do Emeril or something.
Is there a word that spells backwards and ends with an L then?

Anonymous said...
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ryanandginger said...

Abel, Axel, Campbell, Howell, Kimball, Leonel, Marshall, Newell, Randall, Russell, Daryl, Denzel, Joel, Kendall, Manuel, Merrill, Mitchell, Nigel, Oneil, Rafael. I have my favorites, but hopefully you can find one you like.

Jen said...

Wow! Lots of opinions! To be honest, I did not like the name James at first so I called him Buba because I just couldn't call him James, but now I love it (but only for my James).

And you can break tradition. Steve was born into a family where every childs name started with "M". Look how normal Steve is (well, pretty normal at least). Good luck!

Of course I already told you my favorite boy name but can't use! Josh Ross just doesn't flow! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Girls name are so much easier!

The "l" requirement is tricky. Daniel is one of the best options: Dan, Danny, Dan the Man, Danner- I think it fits the bill.

Campbell (Cam for short) is also a fine moniker.

Good luck!

dalebud said...

I would offer the name Mitchel which ends in l and has a great nick name. I really liked the suggestion Campbell but what nick name ???

Hope you have a great holiday!


FOX said...

finally some sanity... no offense but I don't like the name zeik! And if you name him that I am going to send you your brothers "Zeik skin" as he skinned that snake when he died and it is in our garage! What can I say, zeik is how he reeled me in...

at BYU he said he invited me to see his snake (pun intended of course) and so I went to his apartment and it was love at first site and I knew I need to marry him to make that snake half mine!

So since it is half mine now... I have no problem fed ex-ing him to you should you choose that name... after all we have your family for the Christmas present exchange!!!

FOX said...

... and what's wrong with my cleavage... you just wait... I am going to show more baby!!! It was a fun trip!!!!

And just so you know I have put an end to all of Brandon's retaliations!!! Because I am so loving and kind dangit!!!!

LaLa said...

Ziek the freak. Just sayin'...don't think some naughty little boy won't think of that. You not only have to consider the name but what nick names bratty little kids will come up with to go with the name. Good luck!

melanbeans said...

I put in a third vote for Merrill. I was named after my dad's best buddy, so we can just keep a good thing going. But I don't know if you will like the nicknames I had: Mel, Merl, Merlin, Big-M (which Janeen used to abbreviate and call me BM which she, and her friends that were daughters of physicians, all thought was hilarious). Don't worry, I won't let Janeen call your son "BM".

(your son's dad's best buddy)

Our Family said...

Dave says you should name him Hansell--it fits the name requirement, and Doug served his mission in Germany. Bonus!

mama bear said...

Kody has a kid in his class named Manuel and he is the biggest bully! I vote for Kimball or Campbell. You could just call him Soup!

likeschocolate said...

I think it is silly that people make a rule for naming their children. Name the child what you want. I mean look at the Duggers. 19 J names is just rediculous. However, I like Jenn's suggestion of Merrill is pretty good or even Kimball like Fox suggested. However, then if people shorten it they will call him Kim not so good. Good luck!

Adriane said...

ummm so this is old

but, as usual, I'm voting for Adrian and I don't care if it breaks traditions. Adrianl.