Jul 25, 2009

Sister Spotlight - Laura

I'd like to dedicate this digital deviousness to my wonderful sister Laura. I understand that she's having some problems with her recent back surgery and is in need of some good cheering up.

So Laura, all of this is dedicated to you. When Emily wakes up in several hours and realizes what I've done, she'll officially be much sadder than you are today!

Join in my happiness at the expense of our poor, dear, youngest sister. Rejoice in her squirming discomfort!

Ah, yes, another factoid. Emily used to give very open-mouthed kisses. For all I know, she still might... (Doug? input?...)

Here's a golden oldie from back in the day.


lavoris said...

hum ..............

did i read correctly ?

"input" ?

acte gratuit said...

I love the curlers! -Doug