Jul 25, 2009

All My Blog Are Belong To Him.

As promised, I'm going to continue the sibling profiles with my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SIBLING.

My glorious older brother, Brandon.

Many of you know him by "Brandoneous" or "Brandoneous Maximus". He is the best brother a punk little sister like me could ever have. His hacking skills are absolutely insane. He can gain access to my accounts at will and post whatever in the world he wants to my meager pathetic blog.

I only wish I could be as cool as he is. He's handsome, dashing, tall, has an impeccable sense of humor and can do just about anything in the world he wants to do. I only wish I were that cool.

1 comment:

Linz said...

These posts have been... VERY entertaining. I'll be visiting Slamin' Sundays regularly!! =D