Jul 13, 2009

I Know for SURE!

I knew for sure I wasn't in a Japanese airport when I saw;

*An EMPLOYEE (security guy) being RUDE to a CUSTOMER!!! Seriously, where do we get off being such jerks in this country?!?!


*lots of white people,

*a family of ten

*and a very tall man.

I knew for sure I wasn't driving in Japan when I;

*kept turning my windshield wipers on when I was trying to change lanes,

*couldn't turn left on red,

*almost had a head-on collision due to repeatedly pulling out onto the left side of the road,

*had access to more than one English radio station,

*and had to drive over 70 kph. (70, which is the fastest freeway speed you'll find in Japan, happens to be very slow. And people in Utah drive VERY FAST! Even having been one of those people, I'd forgotten and was being passed right and left on the freeway.)

I knew for sure I wasn't eating out in Japan when I;

*couldn't look at plastic models of my food in the restaurant window before ordering,

*had access to dairy items on the menu,

*went to Cafe Rio, and a Gelatto Place, and a Soup and Sandwich place,

*and wasn't offered Green Tea anywhere!

BUT it's being surrounded by family and old friends that has absolutely convinced me I'm no longer in Japan.

And it's good to be home!

OH YEAH! I kept meaning to post more (other than about the toilets) about our awesome camping/rock climbing trip but I never did. So Dougie did it! Click here. And be sure to click on the picture of Gabe pouting. It's priceless.

For Posterity:
So far I've gotten to see all three of Doug's sisters, their husbands and cute kids, his wonderful parents, my cousin Kim, her hubby and new baby Coleman, and our great dental school friends Kim and Brett. (Who kindly drove all the way from Logan to see me!) It's been very busy but very fun and relaxing at the same time. Tomorrow I head South for even more love. Can't wait!


Bartimaeus said...

You are not home. Now get back here!

Really, just wait until you are landing back in Tokyo, you will feel like you are coming to the real home.

We miss you (a little)!

Erin said...

I'm from Logan, and I live in southern Utah now. I love finding things in common with people.

Linz said...

welcome back to utah!!!

Amber Lynae said...

I am glad you survived the readjustments to driving in Utah. And sorry that the customer service was so poor at the airport.

acte gratuit said...

Hi Erin! Welcome! Maybe you were friends with my friend Kim in Logan. And maybe you are friends with my friend Linz in So Utah now! :)

Amber Lynae, Thanks! I barely survived my driving adventure. And it wasn't me who got the poor customer service...it was some poor sap who forgot to take his shoes off to go through security that got the rude lecture! (I'm honestly so used to friendly/helpful/nice/respectful employees now it really really shocked me!