Jan 10, 2008

We're BAAaaaaaaAHck!

Well, we're finally home from our marathon Christmas/Wedding/New Year's vacation to Utah/San Diego/Utah. And I think I can honestly say it was a fun/exhausting/exciting/relaxing/frustrating/satisfying trip.
(I don't want to be tied down to one emotion.)

In the past 2.5 weeks, my kids have gotten to see every single Aunt, Uncle, and cousin they have with only one exception--my sister Jenny who lives in Virginia and couldn't make it to the San Diego wedding.

We've also...
Lost one 6-year-old boy's brand-new winter coat,
gained numerous Christmas presents and pounds,
driven over 1500 miles,
flown for two days,
consumed 10,000 unhealthy treats,
cooked 2 delicious meals,
eaten-out about 100 times,
played with exactly 29 different cousins, 8 aunts and 8 uncles,
learned to say "chillax!",
suffered through a few colds,
slipped on much ice and slogged through much snow,
stared longingly at the beautiful, happy, Pacific ocean,
saw old friends,
met new people,
lost sleep,
slept in,
and generally had fun.

Boy, it's good to be home!
See more pictures at Doug's Blog!
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Christina Call said...
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FOX said...

HEY! Where the HECK am I in those pictures????????? I see how you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

acte gratuit said...

You're absent. Just like all the other Aunts and Uncles. Sorry. The kids are just way cuter.

Linz said...

WHat a fun trip!! Oh, I am so sad we missed each other! Glad you survived!

Kelley Bochman Smith said...

Your family is too fabulous. I can just feel the fun and love that you guys have for eachother exuding out of the photos. And I love the term "Chillax"! just might steal that one... Glad you had a good holiday and glad that you are home safe.