Dec 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Max!

Six of my favorite things about Maxwell:

1. He has a fabulous smile and an awesome giggle.
2. He's a great big brother to Gabe (always) and Sam (sometimes).
3. He's got great pirate moves.
4. He loves books, being read to, and is learning to read.

5. He's smart, curious, and helpful.
6. He says things like "I can carry that Mommers 'cause I'm stronger than lightning!"
6a. He calls me Mommers.

Happy Birthday Maxwell-Boy! We love you!!!

***For Maxwell's Cake this year, I found a Texas Sheet Cake recipe on It was so good and easy to make, I'm putting it on my recipe blog!


Mrs. Dub said...

Dear Max,

What's your favorite PBS Kids show?

Auntie Dub

Christina said...

That cake looks great. I made Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake a few weeks ago. It was so good I couldn't stop eating it!

mr. underhill said...

Impressive mapcake ya got there.

Jenn said...

What a cool mom you are! The cake looks great!

Linz said...

Happy Birthday MAX!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! we miss you!

Great looking cake!!

The Valentine Fam said...

Has it really been 6 years?!? I can't believe it. Happy Birthday Max!

You and your! You're so creative. If only I had a smidgen of your creativity!