Nov 29, 2007

Important Stuff

Important Item #1:
I'll be sending out Christmas cards soon. If you'd like one, would you please send me your address? My e-mail is:

Important Item #2:
Tonight D said "I expect our boys to be Samurai Warriors by the time we leave Japan".

Important Item #3:
Exactly two weeks ago, my wallet and D's work bag were stolen from our car while it was parked in Boston Common. (The automatic door locker doesn't always work.) Today we got both back because Doug decided--four days after the fact--to file a police report (despite me saying it was hopeless).

The only things missing: Ibuprofen (they left the bottle), a few random gift cards from my wallet and D's I-pod. They left D's key's, (which included home, office, hospital, and two cars) his check book, and all of my credit cards and drivers license. (And temple recommend, library card, discount cards, YMCA card, etc.)

Can I just tell you what a huge relief and blessing it was to get everything back? Yes, I can: HUGE!!!

Important Item #4:
D put up Christmas lights tonight.

Important Item #5:
Don't be greedy. Four is enough.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm impressed you got most of it back. And impressed you were brilliant enough to listen to Dougie and file the report. Sometimes he is helpful.

Mrs. Dub said...

Important Item #6: In lieu of being samurai warriors, sumo wrestlers will also be considered as a Japanese identity for your boys.

Linz said...

YEA for getting your stuff back! And yes, your boys better be warriors in three short years! HEE HEE! I'll email my address to you!

mr. underhill said...

Ninjas will also be accepted.

mr. underhill said...

Or Benihana chefs for that matter.