Dec 20, 2007

Know Your Religion

Recently Elder Ballard gave a talk encouraging listeners to use new media, including blogs, to have religious discussions. Now, generally I avoid topics I can't mock ruthlessly, but I'm an extremely obedient and curious girl. So here goes...

Here's what I want to know:

  • If you are reading this, and you are not a Mormon, what is your religious affiliation?
  • What is one thing you want Mormon's to know about your religion?
  • What is one thing you want to know about Mormons or Mormonism?
  • Who sent you the funniest Christmas Card this year?
  • Do you know who Mitt Romney is?
  • Mormon readers: what religions are you curious about and what questions do you have?
  • Does anyone else really REALLY want "The Clapper" for Christmas?

Let's recap: Me=obedient and curious. You=cooperative and comment-prone.

Now, twalk amongst yourselves! (And then leave a comment.)


Marni said...

Hmmm...I guess I need to finish the Conference Ensign! I missed that one!

I was SOOOO tempted to pick up a Clapper at Walgreens for you! :) I think they still might be on sale!

acte gratuit said...

Actually it was in a talk he gave at a college graduation...
I'll find the link and put it in there.

Don't worry, I'm sure Doug will get me the clapper for my golden anniversary!

The Jonas Family said...

Is the clapper thing for reals? I have never seen them before.

Well, I am a Mormon. I have been a little curious about other religions, none in particular. Just interested to find out. No bible bashing though!

I do know Mitt Romney, not personally, just through media and what I have heard. I have donated money to his campaign. I would love to see him win.

The funniest Christmas Card I have received was one that said, "Wishing you a Peaceful Christmas!" The family had a picture of their children sitting on their couch with duct tape covering their mouths. Doug would know Sybrina Winterton (now Stewart) whose family Christmas card I am writing about. See their blog site at (

Linz said...

I have always been curious about other religions. Islam in particular. I am wary, though, to just go find a book about it. I have found that "unbias" books about Mormons are typically horribly flawed, so I can only imagine that it holds true for books on other religions as well.

I will not be voting for Mitt Romney. I think it is rediculous to vote for someone "just because" he's your same religion. His past stances on issues does not give me much confidence in him.

And no, I don't want the clapper - but Michael totally does!

This is a great topic, Em. Thanks for being so obedient! Merry Christmas!!

Jessi said...

Since Mitt has been running for president I want to wear a button that says, "Ask me, I'm Mormon." With the media spotlight on our religion I wish I had more opportunities to clarify some of the misunderstandings about our beliefs and doctrine. Living in the heart of the Bible belt I'm curious about what my Baptist and Protestant neighbors believe, but surprisingly I have had very few religious conversations. I guess I need to work on my missionary skills. (Maybe I should get that button...)

Lanes said...

Totally want the clapper, always have. It's almost a nightly discussion as we go to bed at night, although it's better now that we have bedside lamps. Love being mormon, love to talk about it to anyone. I find that after talking about it to the French on my mission, I can talk to anyone about it now. I think Judaism is so interesting and I love to talk to my Jewish friends about it. Okay this is getting long. I hope you guys had a great Christmas and Max's cake was ADORABLE. We love Max too!

Kelley Bochman Smith said...

I'm a Mormon convert of 32 years. I Methodist, and went to numerous non-denominational and Cathilic churches, and studied Budism and read the Books of Yen. When I first opened up a copy of the Book of Mormon, I knew I found the truth I was looking for. One big topic I'd like to tell others about the Church is that in no way have I ever felt less than an equel to my husband or any other male member of the LDS church. AND I have been wanting a "clapper" for years now, and just need to go out and buy one for myself. My family never gets the hint. I am just too tied to roll over and turn out that light!!!
PS please don't judge me by my spelling.....

Bartimaeus said...

I love learning about all religions. I studied a semester in Israel and became very sympathetic to both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. both religions are fascinating and full of greatness. I'd like to learn more of Hindu.