Dec 15, 2007

6 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Me

I hope you're happy Jen Ross!

#6 When I was twelve years old I found a stock broker in the Yellow Pages and bought a few shares of Disney Stock with my babysitting money. I still have them. And until a few years ago I still had the stock broker. I miss you Bonnie.

#5 Every single year I ask for a Chia Pet and "The Clapper" for Christmas. And I never get either one. But one year (around age 11) I did get a Dust Buster.

#4 I was engaged to someone else before Doug. We broke up on Christmas day.

#3 Based on the number of unexcused absenses I had my senior year, I should not have graduated.
#3a. I graduated because teachers always liked me.

#2 I secretly want a puppy even though I unsecretly hate dogs.
#2a. Doug and I had a pet snake that got cooked to death over Christmas vacation because of a faulty thermostat. (Our apartment did NOT smell good when we got home.)

#1 I can't "tag" people to do blog meme's because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by leaving them out.
#1a. Once my friends and I wanted to toilet paper a whole block of houses so we wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. But the cops caught us before we even started.
#1b. I still feel bad for every time I was ever mean to anyone ever in my entire life.
#1bi. I'm sorry if I was ever mean to you or ever hurt your feelings. I'M SORRY!!!

Tag. You're all "it".


Bartimaeus said...

I forgive you honey!

Anonymous said...

i forgive u too!! just kidding. i don't think you have ever BEEN mean to anyone. i just can't see it.

mr. underhill said...

I can confirm the cooked snake. I had to assist in the clean up.

Anonymous said...

That cooked snake story is really gross, I'm offended now...

acte gratuit said...


LCM said...

This was awesome. That was one of the most unusual memes I have ever read.

Linz said...

YOu're funny. That poor snake. Michael and I met that snake. May he rest in peace.

Brandoneous said...

What is wrong with you people?!?!? That was not just any snake! That was Billy the Ball Python. I raised that snake and kept it alive for YEARS. It survived a Utah winter in the cinder block walls of the Brittany Apartments! It was practically invincible.

Then I gave it to Emily and within 1 week, she has killed it dead. Not even that, she broiled it until it exploded.

Stop giving sympathy to this reptile killer sister of mine and pity poor Billy!