Aug 1, 2007


(On the way to the ward beach party. Stopped in the middle of a freeway exit.)

Sam peed on the shower curtain today. Actually, to be more accurate, he peed on the inside of the toilet, the outside of the toilet, and then onto the cloth curtain before aiming down into the toilet again. (And the last move was only because I was standing next to him and started yelling.) This is the same curtain I just barely put back up after its last pee encounter.

Why did he do this you may ask? (And I did)

"Because I wha my pee-pee's go UP!" (Because I want my pee-pee's to go up) he replies with a delighted little lift in his voice and spring in his step!

Later same day:

"Mommy, YOOK! I did my YETTOS!" as he points to the crayoned "letters" (read: scribbles) on my living room wall.

Oh Sammy-Boy! What would we do without you????? (Besides less laundry...?)


Shelly said...

Haha! I remember you going into the bathroom to talk to Sam while I experimented with crepes. And you've got to admit, the crayon thing was really REALLY fuuny.

Also, you're lovely blog keeps me up at night - erg, is keeping me up tonight. And after I went into that scary tunnel leading to the plane: I totally yelled "byyyyee!" in my mind, but wasn't able to make sounds at that particular moment in time for various reasons.

Shelly said...

BTW: I'm in that picture!! <3 =]

Mrs. Dub said...

even though boy pee scares me for its projectile properties, i must say it is convenient.

Linz said...

Hee Hee!!! Well, I know what to look forward to!