Aug 6, 2007

For The Birds!

Living where we do is kind of like living in an Aviary or Wild Animal Sanctuary. Our home is surrounded by trees and the trees are filled with all sorts of birds. I've seen birds in our yard that I've never seen anywhere else. Specifically, red, orange and yellow birds.

Right down the street, probably less than a block away we have an inlet from the nearest bay. It's sort of marshy and is full of ducks, swans, Blue Herons and pretty white Egrets. Aside from all the birds, we have about a million squirrels, $%#! ground hogs, racoons, neighborhood cats and dogs, and--down by the lagoon-- a coyote or two.

For the most part, this plethora of wildlife doesn't bother me. In fact, I usually love seeing cool new birds. And the squirrels keep me quite entertained when the leaves are off the trees. (They're quite the little dare-devils leaping around up there.)

There are only a few times I really don't appreciate the animals. When the $#@! ground hogs (which are being summarily caught and removed from our yard by a "pest guy") eat our garden, when racoon's get into the garbage, and when I come outside and find this:

I don't think the above photo quite does justice to the fact that overnight the entire back deck was assaulted by a bird poop firing squad. And this isn't the first time this has happened--probably the third or fourth. It's as if a flock of birds just up and decided they'd all take a simultaneous poop-stop while hovering above our house. What gives? (I had some close-ups of the grossness, but evidently D decided we had two many bird-poop-pics and deleted them.)

I guess this is just one of the hazards of living in paradise. Either that or some birdy doesn't like us.


Bartimaeus said...

If you analyze the splash pattern forensicly, her claim is valid that they hovered and bombed.

DianeM said...

That's what you get for living in the country. You should move to the W.W. ghetto like us. Never any wildlife to trouble us. Just the fear of the Guill tool guys across the street making themselves comfy in our house while we vacation.

Do you want an ear of corn or something?

Linz said...

Yep, that's what happened when your out in the boonies. For us, though - it's bats, lizards (big ones!!) and rabbits. Also - road runners and quail love to visit as well!

I agree - those birds did hover!

Jenn said...

Atleast your birds bomb and leave! My husband came home with a cage full of quail to feed the hawk he will soon own! His hobby not mine