Mar 18, 2007

Think Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Pic 1: A Leprechaun visited and turned the milk and pancakes green!
Pic 2: It snowed here again so the boys spent all day outside building a sledding run and an igloo.
(See Doug's blog!)
Pic 3: My monthly belly shot wasn't supposed to include my face. I am 7 months along now. (And obviously thrilled with myself.)


Linz said...

You look sooooo Cute!!!! & I love the green milk!

Anonymous said...

waltons had baby

they blessed her today but

sadly i was not there :(

she is very cute though!

Leslie said...

congrats on your perfectly-shaped pregnant belly. you look great!

Anonymous said...

You DO look so cute! I swear I was way bigger than you at 7 months! Anyway, way to rock the pregnancy look. =)

Anonymous said...

You truly are a show off! I never looked that small even at 3 months.

ckkg said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I think you are adorable at SEVEN months! Hope the next few fly by and baby gets here safe and sound!