Mar 17, 2007

Florida Vacation: Day 3

We left Orlando on Wednesday to head to Ang's house in Niceville. On the way we stopped at Crystal Springs State Park to look for Alligators. We're quite sure there were tons, we just couldn't see them. Next time we'll bring our own Glass-Bottom Boat.It may look like I'm not helping with the kids at all, but I really am. I'm holding Sam's hat for him. Oh, and Doug had to carry the camera... Sam really likes sun glasses. Especially if they have a little bling.

Curtis and Max are both little monkeys. When Max got down he had a huge, swollen bite on his back from some unknown insect. Whoops!


Anonymous said...

i has gotz some sunglasses w/ bling too yo

\|/ --my horrible attempt at making a "w" without actually typing it to show that west>east. XD

i miss my warners! i miss babysitting! i miss movie nights and homemade ice cream and awesome food!

oh yeah! by the way- i got into lowell =]

Linz said...

How did I miss this post? Oh well. Looks like fun! Sam is sooo cute with those sunglasses!!!

Unknown said...

this is your long lost FAVORITE neice, if thats how you spell it, if not then im not your neice, from good ole cali. i love love love the picture of sam and his pops...even if pops doesnt look too happy to have such cuteness climbing all over him. (im sure he really is tho..)
i love you guys! :D
-m bee