Mar 14, 2007

Florida Vacation: Day TWO

Our first full day in the Magic Kingdom. We made it to the park early to pack in as much fun as humanly possible. Of course we had to take the classic picture right inside the front entrance.

Yes. I forced my husband and sons to wear matching shirts. Sue me! They look so stinkin' cute, it's worth the mockery I can hear running through your collective minds!!!

The first ride to be a huge success with all four kids was the Indy Racers. Sammers had this look on his face the whole ride. When we got off he said

"We do dat 'gain, Momma? (He's a huge fan of "Cars" the movie.)

The crazies in the car right behind me had to promise no crashing. I didn't want to go into premature labor. (At least not at D-world.)

Joe and Curtis
That's right. They got to wear non-matching shirts. (I care not what you think...)

Ang and Claire
Claire wasn't entirely sure what to think of some of the rides, or how she felt being surrounded by so many wild boys. But I choose to believe she had fun anyway.

Three buddies: Curtis, Sammers, and Max pushed by lady with hideous belly-button. (Yes. If you zoom in you can actually see it through my clothing. SICK!)

Aarrh, Matey!!!

"Hey look! I'm dangerous too! My mom and dad finally caved and I got to pick weapons for my souvenirs!!! Now I sleep with my hook on and sword by my side! Aren't you proud Captain Hook?"
("I learned it from watching YOU Dad!!!)

The highlight of Doug's day: The Femullet*

*Spelling has been corrected.


Anonymous said...

Matching Shirts! (titters* in the background)

*I wrote "titters"!!!!!! hee hee

mama bear said...

I just got shhooshed because I was laughing so hard (actually fell off my chair) while he-who-must-not-be-named is watching TV, but it was totally worth it - the femullet shot it awesome! Okay, yeah, the kids are cute and your belly button is ugly (couldn't even see it) but that femullef is the best! So glad you had a good time, and that you didn't go into labor and end up naming the new baby Goofy!

Anonymous said...

Emily, where is your shirt? There is nothing better than a pregnant superhero, or at least a pregnant chic dressed as one. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Linz said...

I agree - all pregnant women should get to be super heros! But the shirts look sooo cute! I am going to try to get Michael to do that next time we go to D-land. (Wish me luck). Oh - our belly buttons look the same (BOO!). And I have only one thing to say...femulets!!!!

Bartimaeus said...

That Femulet was pointed out by Joey and captured digitally by Doug. She was at the entrance to Tomorrowland and I couldn't help myself!

Anonymous said...

I hear matching shirts at such amusement parks make it easier to find each other. Emmy, you can be found easily in spite of your near non-conformity. Cute lady in red with pokey outey.

Anonymous said...

Due to the lack of appropriate spellings and my blondness I had to google femulet to then find out you nerds were trying to spell femullet! Here is a coupe google snippets:
Nearly impossible to catch, Femullet Anonymopithacus is usually spotted, ... The American Trailer Femullet is a fairly large group within the mullet ...
Try to learn to spell Buggie. Besides what's wrong with her hair. Mine looks just like that.

Andy said...

The thing with the femullet is that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference.

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! So great to see Ang and family! I'm jealous. =)