Jan 18, 2007

Resolution Revolution

Sammers is on his way to completing BOTH of his New Year's Resolutions! (Talk about on the ball!!! It's still January)

Today he went POO POO* on the potty TWO TIMES!!! The second time he actually told me he had to go. (He usually tells me when he's finished and wants a clean diaper.) WAHOO!!!! (It could be that he gets a new Thomas train if he goes, but whatever...)

Not only that, Sam is completely BeeBee FREE! We took away his binky a week or so ago and he hasn't had it since. There have been a few rough nights, but he's adjusting quite well. Let's hope we can cement both of these wonderful behaviors well enough so that he doesn't revert the moment baby three is born.

Sam isn't the only one working hard on self improvement: Max has made his bed every single morning so far this month and even reminds me if I forget. (Which is daily.) Not on his list, but equally important, he has mastered the pronunciation of YELLOW (used to be lellow), and has learned to WINK!!!

Baby's resolution is to get a name. I've been considering Gabriel lately. Doesn't it sorta go with Maxwell and Samuel? And isn't "Gabe" cute?

The only problem is, I know a Gabe. He's an old friend and a great guy, but I don't really want to name a kid after him. (No offense, Gabe, but I can't be showing favoritism among "the boys".) So...Comments? Feelings? Sugesstions?

All name input would be extremely welcome and helpful as we've been a bit stumped with this little guy.

As for me, I rode the stationary bike the other night while watching "Criminal Minds". That means I've accomplished my resolution to "exercise more" and can be guilt free for the next 11.5 months. Good to have that out of the way.

I'm going to go eat a stick of butter now! Good night!

*Yes. I like to use representative colors on this blog. Hence, the use of brown.


Leslie said...

congrats on all of the big accomplishments with your boys! sounds like you have been a busy momma!
i have a little nephew named gabe and it's really cute. he never goes by gabriel, but i think his parents chose to always call him gabe. do your other boys have longer names and just go by their nicknames? or are sam and max the full names? just curious. :)
by the way, you totally have an excuse not to exercise when you're pregnant. always works for me!

acte gratuit said...

Their full names are Maxwell and Samuel and we call them both the long and short versions. (Plus a million other nick names.)
Thanks for the input!!!
I need all the help I can get!

Mrs. Dub said...

i'm not one to comment on people's baby name preferences because all that matters is whether you like it ... and a little bit if doug likes it. i think gabe is cute. i do hear gabriel pronounced in spanish in my mind, however, which makes sound like gabrielle, which is a girl's name. but since you live in rhode island and don't speak spanish, this shouldn't be a problem. so, yes, i like it. but in case you wanted to search for other "el" or "ell" endings names with cute nicknames ... go here.

Linz said...

Hooray for Sammy and Max!! (I tried to potty train Auri for one day. Not worth it! She can tell me when she is ready...heehee!)

I LOVE Gabe and Gabriel! It is my opinion that you should worry about a name just because you know someone with that name! Heck, if that stopped me, I would have to name my kid Trad (which Michael is still set on BTW :)) If you like the name, use it!
Way to go on the excercise, but I agree with leslie - no need!! Heaven know I'm not going to do anything excercise wise until June!

Linz said...

sorry - that should be "Should NOT worry about a name just because..." Kind of an important part of the opinion!

Anonymous said...

I do like the name Gabe, although I'm not such a fan of the longer version "Gabriel." However, if you're looking for names that go with Maxwell & Samuel, you need to look at this blog: http://thebabynamewizard.ivillage.com/parenting/

This woman's book supposedly (I haven't looked at it personally seeing as I don't have a need) has a section with names that "go together", meaning that you can look up the names of "Max" or "Sam" and find names similar in feel to it.

Beth & John said...

Looks like I came to check out your blog just in time. Great to see you guys are doing well.

I'd suggest the name John


Anonymous said...

Gabe is a lovely name. We have a nephew named Gabriel and is called Gabe. Other than having way too much hair he is very cute. We in the Dubgreen family love name repeats! It doesn't confuse our highly intelligent children at all.

Emily said...

I like Gabriel, and have thought of it for my children actually. Gabe is also cute and does fit in well with the other boy names. Go for it!

Bartimaeus said...

Well I don't like it! Anyways would any of you nice people ever tell her that the name stinks? No I didn't think so! Maybe you'd feel the same way I do if you really new the whole "Gabe" story.

Just kidding...I like the name too, but am not completly sold on it and since I get the final say...

Anonymous said...

Em! It's hilarious how in sync we are with names. Anyway, I love the name Gabriel and even tried to get in in our list of names for this upcoming boy child, but unfortunately my husband knew a bully in school named Gabe and so it was off the table very quickly. Anyway, go for it! It's so cute.

The Valentine Fam said...

I'm so impressed that you've all accomplished your goals for the year...your my hero! How did you do the potty training thing? It isn't working so well at our house! I would like him to be trained before the baby, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. Oh Well...

Sarah said...

Wow! Someone who not only made resolutions, but remembered them and followed up! I'm not even going to comment here - so unworthy.