Jan 9, 2007

Items of Note to an 80's Accompaniment

Recent Items of Note
from the Life of ME
(and the Men in my Life)
Last week Max missed two days of school due to a Meningitis/Encephalitis threat that shut down three Rhode Island school districts. One child died and at least two others were treated. Yikes!!!

The temperature here in Rhode Island has been breaking records. It has been so warm that the tulips we planted in the yard are actually starting to come up already. I don't think this is a good thing for the tulips, but I'm okay with the warmth! Max has stopped asking when it will snow.
As of tomorrow, I will be 23 weeks into my pregnancy. Last week, Baby got eyebrows. This week, his finger nails will be almost fully formed. Oh yeah...and he's forming his first poop. How's that for great news?
(This is not my kid. But it is an example of a 23 week old fetus.)

The ban on T.V. has been lifted, but after discovering we actually CAN survive without six hours of cartoons, I've cut viewing time way back. Max can watch all he wants until 8 a.m. After that, I force myself to get out of bed. If he is still in need of media stimulation, I will happily turn on my i-Pod to the 80's mix I recently made. (Which, by the way, is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! It's on right now as a matter of fact playing New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" What a rad way to start the day!!!)

Two "Family Night's" ago we made New Year's Resolutions as a family. They are as follows;
Me: "Exercise more." This shouldn't be too hard since more than zero isn't that much.

Max: "Be nice to Mommy and make my bed everyday." He's doing a great job with the bed!!! (and, I must admit, most of the time with being nice to me!:)

Sam: "Lose the binky and get potty trained." My words. Not his.
Since he didn't actually agree to these goals, we're having a bit of trouble getting full cooperation. Last night Daddy got him to fall asleep without his BeeBee but this morning when he woke up crying around 6, we caved and gave it to him. As for the potty training, well...we've got the rest of the year, right?!?

{"Who Can It Be Now" by Men at Work just ended and we're on to "Dead Man's Party" by Boingo.}

Last night I pulled off a culinary feat. I made dinner AND dessert!!! At the SAME TIME!!! The SAME DAY!!! WITHOUT a six hour break in between!

In case you're curious, I made super yummy Sweet and Sour Chicken (a recipe I got from Kris Dub) and rice. For dessert, I tried a new recipe from my sister Jenny. "Sumptuous Soft Center Chocolate Cakes". (and were they ever...!) Yes, it was a cooking triumph for a girl who likes to focus solely on one-course meals. (And you're lucky if you get a drink with that.)

By the time Doug and I sat down to eat, (the boys had to be fed earlier to prevent crankiness) my back and feet were killing me and my blood sugar had long since crashed and burned. Fortunately, the dinner was so yummy it was all worth it and the best news is, there are leftovers for lunch today!!!

{"It Must Be Love" by Madness is on now. One of my single greatest regrets in life is the time I had tickets to a Madness concert in San Diego but didn't feel well so I stayed home and slept through it. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!! (I'm STILL sooooo sorry Heath and Ang!!!)

(I could have added another black t-shirt to my concert collection!!!)

"She Loves Me" from the Some Kind of Wonderful sound track --- TAKE AWAY THE PAIN!!!}

Moving on...

Actually, that's about it.

Nothing else to report.

So, until next time, I'll just leave you with this:

"It's gonna take a lot to drag me awaaaay from youuuuuuu...
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever dooooooo...
I bless the rains down in Aaaaaaaff-ricaaaaaa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never haaaa ah ah ah ah ah ad...!"


Foot Handle Pete said...

Ya gotta love the 80's music. I have xm raidio at work but their idea of 80's is to play a little bit of all the 80's music. so we get a little bit of "you turn me right round" and then have to endure early rap. not so great. sirius, on the other hand, has first wave atlernitive rock, which translates to all the great 80's stuff.

Glad to hear about the poop. and the cooking. I love that sweet and sour chicken. FHP

Linz said...

Great job on dinner and dessert! Great resolutions! Great music! We also cut Auri's TV time down dramatically a few weeks back and it makes a huge difference! She doesn't even like watching TV much anymore...she'd rather read books or play (HOORAY!!)

Anonymous said...

I approve of 80's mixes greatly. I so wanted to go to that Madness concert. I don't remember why I couldn't go, but I do remember being sad.

Great goals! And you totally made me salivate with those chocolate cakes. Were they easy? Oh man, I want one so bad.

Congrats on 23 weeks! I'm on 29, which is almost 30! Whoop!

mama bear said...

Okay, I am so impressed that you are actually cooking and making dessert and pregnant! I guess I need to step it up a bit. Oh, and we are still in the binky/diaper/lots of TV phase and loving it! At the rate we're going, our kids will be 9 and 10 and begging to be potty trained but still WAY addicted to the binkies. Oh well, that's life. Thanks for the entertaintment!

Sarah said...

Anytime you make something in a ramekin it automatically makes everything else you do okay. So your kid isn't potty trained until he's 15? Well you do make a mean lava cake in a pretty ramekin so I don't think anybody will care :)

G said...

I love it! There is nothing better in the world than some good 'ole 80's music. I'm struggling in the music department (cds were all stolen in college. Probably the boyfriend) Feel free to send some of that good music my way. (I'll pay for shipping) I know what you are all thinking..."That's the same as stealing." Well, if I go to Hell for some good Depeche Mode and New Order, it was all worth it. Plus, judging people is wrong. See you in Hell, sinners.

Anonymous said...

Love the 80's music! Those sound like great resolutions to me. This is the first year in a long time that exercise hasn't been a resolution. I'll have to make my resolutions in March after I can get out of bed. Maybe I'll make the resolution to learn how to walk again.

Emily said...

I enjoyed the vicarious 80s music. And bravo on dinner and dessert. I am also the queen of one dish meals.

Anonymous said...

No worries about the concert (that was 9 years ago! Man, we're old!) I just wished you could have been there when I and a mob of about 10 other girls started screaming and melting over Madness. Have you ever seen the histarical girls in the Beatles footage? Yea, it was kind of like that.

Bartimaeus said...

Who is Madness?

Anonymous said...

Em~ okay so kuddos on the music. Good call!!!!! Love your website! I do have one question though... the blogs that you stalk are these people you know or just something you just kinda stumbled upon? Inquiring minds want to know.

acte gratuit said...

Nope. Don't know 'em. There are a few others I also look at and most were links on someone else's blog. (Usually someone I do know.)

Cute Christmas card, btw!!!
Luff you!

Anonymous said...

My idea of 80s music and yours are quite different. I need Foreigner, Boston, Asia, Genesis etc. I can throw in some Alphaville and Depeche Mode(can't even spell it). Please send me the Calif K's recipe and the lava ramekin one too. Now. Love

acte gratuit said...

Oh Sheba, of course those are on the list too! In addition, Depeche Mode has it's very own play list which is QUITE extensive and takes a few hours to get through the whole thing.

I'll send the recipes to anyone who wants them!