Jan 29, 2007

Great Quotes

Me: "Max, are you excited about the new baby?"

Max: "Yeah, I wish it was a gwoahl (girl) though! We have too many boys alweady!!!"
Doug: (while wrapping presents with Max)
"What is ribbon, anyway? It's just glorified floss!"
Me: "Bella, you need to teach Max how to "play dolls" because he doesn't really know how..."

Bella: (age 6) "It's not about violence, Max!"


Linz said...

That is the perfect description of playing dolls!! Good For Bella!! Great quotes, Em!!

mama bear said...

somehow I don't think I'd like to floss my teeth with ribbon - ouch!

Anonymous said...

Bella has never played dolls with our son obviously. Often the t-rexes invade the doll house. Sometimes he'll play with Nan happily: Barbies, Doll house and even Polly Pockets. But if she crosses him - then it's all about the violence.

acte gratuit said...

Max tried really hard to follow her lead but it wasn't long before "Baby" became "AHHH! A MONSTER!!!"

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs. They always make me smile.