Nov 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Traditions

I don't know about you, but in my family we have a very scared Thanksgiving family tradition. Sometimes the whole family participates. Usually though...I just go it alone.

It's called "illness".

In past years, I've been plagued by stomach flu numerous times. Last year I was happy to sleep through the best meal of the year because swallowing was agony due to tonsillitis. One memorable Thanksgiving Day I had laryngitis and couldn't say a word. A very kind friend drove me around all evening playing music and talking so I wouldn't have to.

This year I'm going to try really hard to break tradition. At the moment, I have a HORRENDOUS head cold accompanied by never ending hacking cough (which tends to induce vomiting...just another pleasant side affect.) BUT! On the positive side, I've been sick for the last three weeks and with a handful of hours left until Turkey Time, I have high hopes of a full recovery.

In the mean time, I've learned a few tricks to surviving this fun family tradition over the years that I'd like to share.

1. When you have a head cold, never EVER sleep on your side. You (and by "you" I mean "I") will wake up with an ear infection.

2. If you happen to have tonsillitis, poking and prodding the infected tonsils with your finger tip is never a good idea.

3. If you're going to fall asleep with a cough drop in your mouth, DO NOT tuck it up between your gums and cheek. By morning, the steady stream of sugar will have dissolved your gums and left the roots of your teeth completely exposed.

4. The "Vicks Vaporizer" is worthless.

5. Sucking on ice chips while trying to fall asleep (which inevitably leads to loudly crunching ice chips) may annoy the person sleeping next to try to crunch responsibly.

That's all I've got for ya! Good luck and have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have that same tradition of being sick, only usually it's every holiday! Poop!

I hope you get better, em.

Anonymous said...

Emmy - I can't believe you're sick again! At least this year I know what's wrong with you. Hope you feel good enough to eat that pie. We'll miss you. I'm thankful for sisters-in-law that are "wicked" awesome. Love you

Adriane said...

Awwww... hang in there & have a good Thanksgiving in spite of everything!

Re the cough drops-- exposing the roots of your teeth?? I had no idea. Frightening!