Nov 7, 2006

Pillow Talk

Me: "Sweetie, it feels like something has come between us...There's just this distance that wasn't there before...."

Him: "It's the pillows."

Me: "huh?"

Him: "The pillows! The gigantic body pillow you got for your pregnancy, the pillow I have to wedge under your back every night, the one (or two) you sleep on, the extra three pillows you keep around just in case...IT'S THE PILLOWS!!!"

Me: "Oh. Alright then. Glad we had this talk."

Okay, so we didn't actually have that talk. But I imagine it's coming any day now. When I get into bed at night, I immediately assume the left side fetal sleep position. I then have to carefully position the multiple pillows around me in their precise, pre-established locations.

It's harder than you might think considering we only have a queen sized bed and I have to leave at least a sliver for my 6'2" husband. After that I can't be bothered to move again. It simply requires too much energy expenditure!

So my poor spouse has to say good night to my back and then has to scale a mountainous pillow barrier just to give me a kiss.
{Cue song: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"}

I'm going to blame it on the pregancy. I'll get rid of the body in pillow in May! I swear!

In the mean time though, I think I'll name it "Cusack" :)


Linz said...

That's great! Husbands don't need much space on the bed anyway. MAke sure to use his pillow too...for some reason I have found that it is always more comfortable than mine! Happy pregnancy!

mama bear said...

nice. Just think if you had our bed! The hubby would most likely have to find a new place to sleep. I agree, his pillow is way more comfortable than mine - even when I secretly switch them!

Anonymous said...

It serves you right for buying a queen sized bed and then getting yourselves pregnant on top of it. (Ha - I didn't even mean it that way!)Are you naming the pillow Cusak or the baby?

Anonymous said...

oh girl, I know how that goes. I am currently only using 2 other pillows, but I think I'm going to have to get another one for my back too. Sleeping is hard work when you're pregnant!

Foot Handle Pete said...

Yeah, men don't have any thing to deal with in pregnancy. don't worry about us we'll be fine. (no we are not expecting, just speaking in the brotherhood sense.) FHP

Anonymous said...

"Those aren't pillows!"

Connie said...

did adriane make that?

hilari said...

hi, i am one of your fellow blog stockers...friends with mrs. dub. i gotta say that i think you are clever and i am with you on calling it cusak. there is just something about him you can't shake.

G said...

At the bottom of my computer screen it said "error on page". I continued to scroll down and I found the error. It was a mulit-colored Cusak. You should have your computer checked out.