Nov 2, 2006


I'm afraid my Husband took the good camera to work with him, so I only have two pathetic little Halloween pics from the old camera. I'll try to post some more tonight!

The first pic is of Max and Sam with their friends before starting out to terrorize the neighborhood.

Max is a pirate and Sammers is the monkey sitting next to him. (He refused to keep his cute little monkey hood on so you can't tell.)

The second is one of their first door. Notice who is first in line!!! The weather was perfect and all the kids had a great time. We didn't go too far, but still managed to end up with a TON of candy. Add that to the candy from the church party, the candy from the school party, and the candy from the Halloween birthday party...and that equals a lot of candy. And potential cavities. Good thing we have dental connections!


mama bear said...

wow, looks liked you scored bigtime! we ended up with hardly any candy :( but I guess that's for the best since I would be the one eating it all!

Foot Handle Pete said...

Now that you are dental people, you gotta love halloween, easter, valentines day, ect. However you must maintain the public front of mild disaproval of all the sugar, eventhough it is great job security. FHP

Linz said...

Cute costumes! Looks like fun was had by all!

Adriane said...

You made them a PIRATE and a MONKEY?


Them's my boys! :D