May 2, 2010

Items of Note/Notorious Items -- April and May edition.

  • It was Gabey's 3rd birthday yesterday, but shhh!  Don't tell him that!  We're not celebrating until next weekend.

  • Tomorrow Baby Gray will be 4 weeks old!  And incredibly, he's getting even CUTER every single day!  Unfortunately, he's not sleeping any better than he was as a newborn...  (Insert haggard looking frowny emoticon with under-eye bags here.)
  • Sadly, apple season is over (the Fuji apples here are the best I've ever tasted!) but strawberry season has begun!  Yum!  (This tiny carton was so sweet and delicious it was almost worth the $4 it cost!!!)
  • Doug went to the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival with Max and some friends yesterday and said it was almost as beautiful as last year.  (See the movie of last years trip in the sidebar.)  (I stayed home because Gray hates his car seat and it's a two hour drive.)   
  • Although he was in trouble for being gone about 9 hours longer than planned (slight exaggeration) he barely redeemed himself by buying me a really pretty little pot.
  • The blossoms on base are just barely starting to come out and brave cold, windy, wet Misawa.  (Insert emoticon of me blowing a raspberry at the crappy, crappy weather we've been having here.)
  • I am officially, unequivocally, and utterly ready for warm weather.
And THAT is all I'm going to say about THAT!

Good night!!


Linz said...

Cute pot! And Happy birthday Gabe!! Andrew's just a few weeks behind ya! Wow! I can't believe they are 3!!!!

mama bear said...

Happy Birthday Gabers! By the way, I thought you might want to know that our weather has not been as gray as I thought it would be. I mean yes, we have gotten some rain but lots of days the sun is shining in between showers, and even a little during the sprinkles. So, you may want to just consider that Oregon might be a small step up from Misawa. Just saying...