May 7, 2010

Date Night

Last Friday night we went out and ate at a very yummy restaurant with a big group of friends.  
See?  Big.  And this wasn't even everyone.  There were a few more couples in another room.

This is Doug holding Gray.  Our first date since his arrival.

This is my O.B.  and his cutie new baby just two weeks older than Gray.
He ordered uterus.  
For realizes.

This is what uterus looks like cooking on a grill:

These are some of the friends who came over to look at, and sample, the uterus.

The purpose of this gathering, was, shockingly, not just to get together to eat uterus.

Nor was it to celebrate me putting on make-up and leaving the house.
(Although that is cause for celebration.)

All of these people got together to say good-bye to our friend Wes who's deploying for 4 or 5 months.  His second deployment since moving here.  One of many men (and women) who left last weekend.

It was a really fun night and the food was delicious.

(Doug's scallops, that he wanted to grill, came cooked in an omelet for some reason.)

But it was sad too.  Because deployments suck.  Bad.  (Pardon my language Mom and Aunt Jeannette.)

They suck for me and I'm not the one without a husband.  Just the friend of the wives-with-kids left behind.  (Only because I have to watch them suffer and it makes me teary and emotional.)

(Fortunately, Doug wont ever be deployed for which I am immensely grateful.)

Anyway, if you want to learn a little bit about what some women with deployed spouses go through, check out THIS article I found awhile ago.  It's worth the read!

Good luck Wes!  
Come home safe!  
We miss you already!!!


Naomi said...

The uterus of what? A cow? A pig? A goat?

Please don't tell me "human."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Em! I'm settled in over here, and busy, busy, busy. Korea is beautiful this time of year, so that's my solace. Missing all of you and especially Tami, Camille, Madeleine, and Cameron. Cheers!

acte gratuit said...

Um...I don't think we were ever clear on what kind of uterus. I think "pig" was the consensus, but no one knows for sure.