May 17, 2010

Dear All of my Friends and Family,

Yeah, I know.  We're in a recession.  The job market is shaky.  Your 401K lost 93.2% of its worth.
But seriously.
Enough already.
Do you people know what you're missing by not coming to Japan?
Besides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay with me in Japan???

Yeah, you're not only missing this...
(He's reproving you with his eyes!)

and this,
(I was 9 months pregnant...sue me.)

and these punks:
(who make cookies on demand...)

You're also missing the 100 Yen Store!!!

Where you can buy this...
("Life is not easy...but not too bad.")
and this...
(Training Chopsticks)
and this...
(Flower shaped "Vegetable cutters - small")
(Used for Bento boxes...and pottery.)
and these...
("Milk Tooth Box - Also as a trinket box!")
(Where you put your baby teeth, silly!)

for only 105 yen*!!!
(Honestly, you're losing money by not coming...)

So seriously.

Get your priorities in order people!
And get to Japan!!!

*Yes...technically it should be the 105 Yen store, but that doesn't have the same ring to it, now does it!?!?


Lyana said...

Ha! I remember you taking that evil picture of you:) Yeah, I tried once to tell people what they are missing out here....still no one came besides my mom.

Adriane said...


I can't believe you have children I've never met. What is WRONG with this universe, anyway

Linz said...

I want to come!!!

Tricks are for Kidds said...

Oh, please, I want to come! Does anyone know how to make a money tree grow? It seems I've been putting money into the ground but nothing has come up. Japan sounds like a place I should visit AND if I got to stay with you and your family, my world would be complete. Guess I'll have to figure out a quick way to make some money...

Beeswax said...

Hey I really want some training chopsticks for when we go to Benihana.

P.S. I'm not coming to Japan unless they have Benihana. HAHAHA.

Also, my cousin is a dentist in the Air Force and he just found out he's headed to Okinawa for three years! I told his wife to check out your blog.

Naomi said...

Please remind me where you live in Japan. I would like to check on the price of airfare.

(I'm not kidding).

acte gratuit said...

Beeswax: Umm....I do love me some Benihana! And although we don't have it here, we have something even BETTER! So you'd better book your ticket! (Tell the wife she can e-mail me if she has any questions!)

Mona: I live in Misawa which is in Northern Honshu! Fly into Tokyo Narita airport. Take a bus to Haneda airport and fly to Misawa. Easy-Peasy! COME COME COME!!!

Anonymous said...

When I put in my mission papers, the place I was most scared to go to was Japan.....cause I'm a really picky eater, Luckily I got sent to Ecuador where they served me fish head soup and intestine rice!

Kelly said...

This post makes me wish I had been a better blogger when we lived in Seoul. There are just so many fantastic bloggable funnies in Asia aren't there?

Hey do you know my LDS blogger friend who's also in Japan? Her name is Carrie Stewart.

And I love Wendy W. We are getting more photos done from her when she comes to DC in the fall.