Oct 7, 2009

Misawa is in TCCOR 3!

I don't actually know what TCCOR 3 means. But I DO know there is a tropical storm headed our way and we're in for some rain and high winds.

This is what the flyer left on my door said:

*Residents will secure all outside equipment and properly secure/store it.

*Trampoline owners will remove safety net & turn trampoline upside down.

The last big wind storm we had relocated our trampoline to someone else's backyard. Guess they're trying to prevent that from happening again!

Should be fun to watch!


Melonie said...

The USMC has a great document available for Okinawa that will explain all of the TCCOR levels to you.

Go to this page:


And scroll down to page 93. That's where the TCCOR info begins. It also includes some very good typhoon preparedness information. :-)

We were on TC3 for a couple of days but Melor went right on past us...hopefully you will have the same luck!

mama bear said...

wow, that should be fun! I wonder if everyone got the trampoline note or just you? maybe your neighbor wrote it. ha ha.

Sarah said...

We had a wind storm blow our trampoline into our neighbors yard too! It also ripped off a down spout and damaged a huge spot on our stucco. The trampoline went from being a tortilla to a taco! It was just awesome (sarcasm)!

Anonymous said...


acte gratuit said...

Melonie-Thanks! I knew someone would clue me in! :)
Mama-lol. Everyone got it cause all the trampolines in the neighborhood have been moved. (We have a lot.)
Sara-Did you get a new trampoline?!?!? Yikes! I hadn't even considered it getting folded in half!
Anon-What exactly does "Validation" have to do with anything? (And I've already seen it. It's cute.) Are you just trying to tell me I'm awesome and amazing?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share something that I thought was nice.


FOX said...

What a royal pain in the rear to take your safety net off your tramp! Good thing that there is man's work!

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed at the Misawa Air Base.They have us working while this is going on.we should be in our homes and trying to be safe. What is the Commander thinking. He/She should worry about the safety of his fellow airmen and Navy personnel.

acte gratuit said...

Anon 1: If I knew who you were, it might mean something. As is, just feels spammy.

Anon 2: I'm not exactly an effective source for lodging complaints, being as I'm the wife of the Pediatric Dentist. (Who doesn't hold much sway in the policy making department.) But I agree if there is risk to life and limb, families should be home together. However, so far, all we've had is lots of rain and average wind. So I haven't been too worried about my personal safety. (And my trampoline is staying put against my back door!)

FOX said...

HEY!!! You don't like to me under your 'blogs you should visit' heading anymore... THAT'S IT!!!... I AM REMOVING YOUR BUTTON!!!!