Sep 23, 2009

My Mom Thinks I'm Funny. Doug doesn't.

I got an e-mail today from someone at "The Bump" telling me to nominate myself and my favorite blogs for "The Bump Mommy Blog Awards". I like voting for other blogs! I like blog awards! I like recognition!

BUT, I normally don't bother with this kind of thing because then I have to REGISTER and fill out--like--ten lines of information. And WOAH, that's just too time consuming.

But then I noticed the winner gets a $100 Pottery Barn gift certificate. And I'm highly motivated by money. Even when nauseated.

So I did it! (Registering only took about 32 seconds, so it wasn't THAT bad.) And nominated myself of course, because HEY! My mom says I'm funny! (But really cause I want want $100 PB bucks.) And then I nominated some friends. And now I'm telling YOU! So you can vote for me! Er, I mean, yourself and possibly win a $100 PB gift certificate. (But if you win I want a full report on what you get from Pottery Barn. And I promise to be happy for you...and only a little bitter that you snaked my victory.)

Interested? Click HERE!

P.S. I'd never heard of "The Bump" before today. But it looks like a pretty good site having to do with all things baby related! I'm planning to check out the section on "Baby Names" later.

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Unknown said...

I agree, your blog deserves some awards! Thanks for nominating me too're awesome and that gift card sounds great too! :)