Sep 22, 2009

I Dream of Crazy

In my dream, it's dumping snow outside. Tons of white fluffy snow is piling up and making it look like a Japanese winter wonderland. Doug looks outside and immediately gets excited. He starts pulling out Christmas decorations. White light covered Christmas trees and garlands. He's putting them up everywhere and the house is starting to look quite festive. In the midst of the decorating chaos, I have a sudden realization: It's late September! I was about to start decorating for Halloween! I bought all those decorations from Target 75% off last year! I yell...

All of the sudden Doug is spooning Cheerios into my mouth.
"Thanks Honey" I mumble groggily. I assume he's on his way to work and helping me start the day off without nausea. Just to be sure I ask;
"What time is it?"
"It's 4:45."
I'm a little confused. It's very early. I take another bite.
"Why am I eating this?"
"Because you woke me up. Violently."
He doesn't state the obvious; "...and I assumed it was because you were about to yak."
Crunch. I take another bite.
It's probably the 5th time he's been up tonight. Sam had a nightmare and climbed into our bed--twice. Max has a cough and keeps crying out for comfort.
And then I go and wake him up.

Maybe I'll just wait till tomorrow to tell him I just wanted him to stop putting up the Christmas decorations. Yeah. I'll just wait.

Sorry, Honey!


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Gotta love pregnancy dreams...

Lyana said...

What a wonderful husband Doug is:)