Sep 23, 2009

My Mom Thinks I'm Funny. Doug doesn't.

I got an e-mail today from someone at "The Bump" telling me to nominate myself and my favorite blogs for "The Bump Mommy Blog Awards". I like voting for other blogs! I like blog awards! I like recognition!

BUT, I normally don't bother with this kind of thing because then I have to REGISTER and fill out--like--ten lines of information. And WOAH, that's just too time consuming.

But then I noticed the winner gets a $100 Pottery Barn gift certificate. And I'm highly motivated by money. Even when nauseated.

So I did it! (Registering only took about 32 seconds, so it wasn't THAT bad.) And nominated myself of course, because HEY! My mom says I'm funny! (But really cause I want want $100 PB bucks.) And then I nominated some friends. And now I'm telling YOU! So you can vote for me! Er, I mean, yourself and possibly win a $100 PB gift certificate. (But if you win I want a full report on what you get from Pottery Barn. And I promise to be happy for you...and only a little bitter that you snaked my victory.)

Interested? Click HERE!

P.S. I'd never heard of "The Bump" before today. But it looks like a pretty good site having to do with all things baby related! I'm planning to check out the section on "Baby Names" later.

Sep 22, 2009

I Dream of Crazy

In my dream, it's dumping snow outside. Tons of white fluffy snow is piling up and making it look like a Japanese winter wonderland. Doug looks outside and immediately gets excited. He starts pulling out Christmas decorations. White light covered Christmas trees and garlands. He's putting them up everywhere and the house is starting to look quite festive. In the midst of the decorating chaos, I have a sudden realization: It's late September! I was about to start decorating for Halloween! I bought all those decorations from Target 75% off last year! I yell...

All of the sudden Doug is spooning Cheerios into my mouth.
"Thanks Honey" I mumble groggily. I assume he's on his way to work and helping me start the day off without nausea. Just to be sure I ask;
"What time is it?"
"It's 4:45."
I'm a little confused. It's very early. I take another bite.
"Why am I eating this?"
"Because you woke me up. Violently."
He doesn't state the obvious; "...and I assumed it was because you were about to yak."
Crunch. I take another bite.
It's probably the 5th time he's been up tonight. Sam had a nightmare and climbed into our bed--twice. Max has a cough and keeps crying out for comfort.
And then I go and wake him up.

Maybe I'll just wait till tomorrow to tell him I just wanted him to stop putting up the Christmas decorations. Yeah. I'll just wait.

Sorry, Honey!

Sep 18, 2009

Cheer me up. NOW!

I'm in a funk.
It's been a bad week.
I'm tired, cranky, hormonal, and puke-y.
The kids had the day off today.
My house is a mess.
I can't clean and I can't cook.
(I'm not saying I don't want to, (I don't) I'm saying I actually can't because I'll just end up heaving in the nearest garbage can which helps no one.)

So I'm asking for YOUR help.

You have three choices:

Do my blogging for me. Write something funny or silly or entertaining. It can be one sentence or a long story. E-mail it to me and I'll post it on my blog. (emilydeon(at)gmail(dot)com)


Give this picture a funny title or caption: (It sums up perfectly how I'm feeling.)


Wire me some money.

You choose.

Now get to work!

Sep 9, 2009

IT'S A...


I had my first ultrasound today! Based on the ultrasound and the FDLP date, I am officially allegedly 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant with a due date of April 10th, 2010.

We heard and saw the heart beat, and saw the tiny line of a spine and the leg and arm buds.

It looked to be a decidedly female bean to me, but I'm not getting my hopes up. (Who am I kidding?!)

In other news, Sammy FINALLY started kindergarten yesterday, got his first "Green" today, and now has a fever and probably wont go tomorrow. (Big sigh from Mom.) Nothing like a Back-to-School virus to get me all excited about the upcoming cold and flu season.

In even otherer news, Gabe wants me to entertain him the entire time his brothers are gone. The ENTIRE TIME! This means we play "catch". A LOT of "catch". And boy is he mad when I want to STOP playing "catch" after 3.5 hours...
So to punish me, he's climbs out of his crib at nap time and/or runs away to the neighbors when my back is turned.

And here I thought having only one at home would be EASIER!

That's all for now. Will blog again when there's a break in the nausea.

Queasily yours--

Sep 1, 2009

The State of Things

I'm nauseated.  24/7.  (But so far I'm not puking, so that's somethin'!

Doug is participating in an "Exercise" this week.  This means, instead of seeing patients, he runs around in Chem. Gear and a Gas Mask from 6a.m. - 6:30p.m.  Or later.  He's not happy about it.  I'm not happy about it.  (Understatement of the year.)  I teach Wheel at 6 p.m. sharp people!!!

Gabe learned how to climb out of his crib.  Right now I'm watching him run towards the neighbors house because I'm too tired to put him in bed for his nap--again.

Someone keeps peeing in/on the training potty.  Only it isn't Gabe.  (And whoever it is doesn't have good aim.)

Sam is ticked off that kindergarten starts a week after regular school and complains about it--loudly--multiple times daily.

Max wants to work for a T.V. station when he grows up so he can "watch T.V. all day long."  (Most disheartening thing I've heard all year.)

Sam got an in-home visit from his Kindergarten teacher today.  He got out every weapon we own and repeatedly punched things at random.  Awesome.

But on the bright side...

Today Sam said:   (While "tagging" the air.) "Mom, did you know Jesus--I mean da Hoey (Holy) Ghost--is down heo (here) and I'm pwaying (playing) tag wif him?!?" 

So at least there's THAT!