Aug 11, 2009


My brother stole my blog again.  


But before I knew anything about it, the post was taken down!  (Most likely by my sis-in-law who says she informed him "It's only funny the first time".)  

Anyway, I got to read the removed post because it was still in my "Google Reader".

(Then I searched through my blog settings and removed "Brandoneous" as my blog 'administrator'.  (The AUDACITY!!!)  Silly me.  Can't believe I didn't look there before.)

So hopefully my blog is safe for a little while longer...again.  (A girl can dream, right?!)
(BTW, you will get zero delicious No-bake Cookies for your evil deeds, Brandon.  NONE!  You have to earn them through GOODNESS!)

Anyway, Brandon asked an important question in his illegal/unauthorized post, and since I really am genuinely curious about your response (though I do NOT condone his methods) I'll ask it again here:

So here goes:

If you were the youngest (and therefore most picked-on) child in a fabulously dysfunctional family of five, and you had the choice between the following, which would you choose?

Plan A:  A trip to Utah to attend a family reunion at Aspen Grove with the Call Kids.  (Plus, we'd probably have a reunion with Doug's family too!)
Plan B:  A trip to one of the following for the same price, possibly much less; Australia, Thai Land, or China.

A few points to help you make your decision:

* We just hit our one year mark here.  Only two years left to visit the locals mentioned in Plan B.  (Cause let's face it:  It's now or never.)  

* Whereas, Aspen will always be an option.

* Family Reunions are great for kids.  Aspen is great for family reunions and the kids would have a blast with their cousins.   Which I do realize is important.  (I always loved seeing my cousins at reunions growing up.)  

* ...But did I mention it's really REALLY REEEEEALLY expensive?  And they'd have as much fun at the local park with their school friends?

* Some of my family members don't like me that much.  In fact, I'm not even on speaking terms with all of them at the moment.  Which is surprising considering how naturally charming and witty I am.  (People who aren't my siblings really like me!  Really!!!)

* Jenny and my SIL Christina still like me.  (I think.  Haven't talked to Jenny today...)  (Christina, you rock.  Thanks for defending my blog.  Get better SOON!!!)

* We would get to see Doug's family and they're super cool.  (Though they don't tell as many inappropriate jokes.  Is that good or bad? You decide.)

* Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Just think of how much everyone will love us if we stay away another 2-12 years.

* A little of my family goes a long way.
(And if you'd like to argue that sentiment, Brandon, please recall your recent de-flowering of my blog and all the arguments I managed to get in in a short 5 day period.)

* Trip to Utah: 24 hours of travel x 3 kids = 72 hours of hell.  (Trust me.  The math works)

* Trip to Utah: 2-4 days of jet lag x 3 kids = 12 lost days.  (Trust me again.)

* Did I mention Australia???

So, what say you blog readers!?!?

Please cast your vote:  I even designed a poll for the sidebar!  (Why?  Because I can.)

Plan A = Utah 
Plan B = Dream Vacation

Now let your voice be heard!!!

*Also, please feel free to send as much spam as you want to the following e-mail address:*


FOX said...

Ok first off I think you need a different more exact term than just putting "call kids" cuz then it makes is sound like you are mad at me... boohooo..

OH and I want my own positive... just one line on how if you came here you would get to see me... it is my hospital wish!!! :)

But then lets go to Australia!!!!

FOX said...

Man you do really have a great sis-in-law!!! Probably the best!!!!

And especially one who likes to boast about herself when she can't sleep in weird surroundings!

Linz said...

I still vote B

Melonie said...

Gonna vote B also... not that it really counts since I'm not a family member. LOL But it IS what I'm trying to convince my husband we should do while we're in Oki. When will we ever be any closer, I ask????

And I do hope your SIL is feeling very much better soon. YOWCH.

AnaMarie said...

Dream vacation. Hands down. We're in Japan for at least 3 years, and if it weren't for two different sets of friends ganging up on us and scheduling weddings for next summer, we wouldn't be going back to the States at all during our Japan time. Bali was excellent, and we still have to do China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand...

FOX said...

I GOT IT!!!!! Let's have a family reunion in Australia!!!! I bet only the cool people would show up!!!!

And thanks for the happy wishes and vibes Em and friends, it really cheered me up this morning!!!!

sunsetandcamden said...

You HAVE to do the dream vacation, are you kidding me? I can't believe you are even questioning. We spent Christmas in Thailand and it is sooo much fun for kids (I might even venture to say that it's as much fun or more than hanging out with cousins). We rode elephants, stayed right on the beach for DIRT cheap, ate yummy food, four wheeled around a very primitive island, went down the river on bamboo rafts, saw the Grand Palace, etc. etc. And don't even get me started on China--there are so many amazing places to visit that are still super fun for kids. Take advantage of the CHEAP travel opportunities while you are over on that side of the world. Once out of Japan, everything is CHEAP! (At least in Asia, I doubt it's the case for Australia)

Jenn said...

I'm all for Plan B-- and a bit jealous!

FOX said...

OK I feel like a stalker today, but I can't take it..... ahhhhhh... ok you know I totally want to go to Australia, but after teaching Bioethics at BYU for years I can tell you that "plan B" is the FDA's coined term for emergency contraceptives (aka: abortive devices... the morning after pill and stuff)


it is giving me the heebie geebies!!!!

Kristin said...

I don't know if you saw my post but I will repeat it for you. Emily I never thought I would say it but I am really really really glad that Aaron is my brother. He is not so good at computer stuff and just bugs me in other ways. And I agree with Christina about the "Plan B" thing so to show my dislike of abortion I am not going to vote on your poll. I also was going to ask you for Brandon's email adress so that is very helpful.

Prudence said...

I've made the trip with kids!!! Plan B all the way.

ryanandginger said...

I started checking your blog a while back when Julie referred me to one of your hilarious posts. Thanks for the recent post about your flight home... not! I was paranoid all the way home today!!! I'm happy to report we arrived home in perfect shape without incident. So, I'm on the fence with this one because we just spent that "fortune" you are talking about for 6 weeks of visiting family and I would do it again.... in a month or so. In fact, this was our 6th trip home from Asia and each year I threaten to go somewhere else but I want my children to have the family memories and bond the way my other nieces/nephews do so I find myself back in Cali/UT. On the other hand, I'm wishing I had done some of the other "local" things here as well and am hoping to do so soon. So, sorry I'm not much help. My children are such good travelers that it makes it easy for us. If you had a hard time with jet lag and you think your children would not fare well with such a flight.... I'd go for Asia somewhere while you can. I guess Plan B would be my suggestion in that case.