Aug 20, 2009

"Max his name..."

SOME how, at some point, probably when my back was turned... (he used to do a lot of naughty things while my back was turned)  

this little boy... 
...grew up!  

Maxwell joined our family when we were still newly weds going to school and living in Provo, UT. 
He turned us into an official family.  Sure, marrying Doug was great and all, but we were just playing house until this kid came along.  (And he made it so I didn't constantly stare at all the other babies at church on Sunday and comment to Doug how CUTE they were!!!)
(People at church would stare at him and comment about is huge toothless, slobbery grin.)

He moved to San Francisco with us where we lived for four years, and then tagged along when we switched coasts and lived in Rhode Island for two.  
Now he lives happily in Northern Japan.  
Not bad for an almost 8 year old!  

And at some point...he went and grew.  
And stopped pulling stuffing out of pillows and sneaking Lucky Charms while I showered blissfully unaware.
Now he makes his own sandwiches*.
Practices piano and writes in his journal.
And begs for "reading time" with Mommy at night.

He even learned how to put a diaper on Gabe!  (But only to save himself from embarrassment and our family from a reputation as exhibitionists.  Too late!)He's just an all around cool human being.

I Love you Max!  Thanks for being part of our family!!!

*Made with organic "Whole Oat" bread which Max loves because he considers it "white bread" which has been banished in this house since 1861.


Unknown said...

It's crazy how fast they grow...baptizing our boys...ahhh, soon comes the drivers license, girls, dates, and then OUR grey hairs! :) xo love ya em

Linz said...

Wow! I can't believe he's almost 8! He is a wonderful boy! I miss him all the time!