Apr 21, 2009


...but only three of you are getting free jewelry...!

I wrote down all of your entries, assigned them numbers, then used random.org to select 3 numbers. (No kids on the trampoline to help this time.)  Should have done it two days ago...after all, I have things to do, places to go, pots to make...!

But anyway, without further ado, here are the winners:

#1  (Black Chandelier)   Melonie  (A new reader who got bonus entries for blogging about the contest.  It paid off!)
#2 (Charcoal) Michemily

#3  (very popular Red Carnelian)  The Wifers 

Congrats Ladies!  I'm happy for you!  And jealous!!!  Please drop me an e-mail (emilydeon(at)gmail(dot)com) to collect your prize!

Kylie, thanks for letting me host this fun contest!  I loved it!  And I'll be contacting you shortly with my Mother's Day order!!! 

If you DIDN'T win this time, DON'T FRET!!!  Just use Snapdragon Jewelry to get your Mother's Day shopping done!   The Ladies are LOVIN' this stuff!  Get it before it's gone!
(plus you can still get 20% off using the promotion code: acte gratuit!!!)

Have a fabulous day, you big winner you!!!

P.S.  Be sure to add www.actegratuit.blogspot.com and www.gratuitousreviews.blogspot.com to your blog roll or Reader so you don't miss out on any future contests!!!  (Or wit.  Or pictures of my adorable children.  I have a lot to offer here, people!)


Unknown said...

cute stuff...i just quickly browsed the website...love it. Will have to start saving up! :) love you emmy!

@lliE from FreshlyCompleted said...

Suuuuuweeeeat! I never win things...I'm so Stoked!

Kylie said...

Thank you so much Emily for letting me do this on your blog! This has been really fun!!!


Melonie said...

YAY!! Thank you thank you thank you - both of you! :-)

I'll shoot you an email tonight. :-)

Crimen said...

BUMMER ! i'duv looked great in either of those colored earrings.