Apr 15, 2009

Life Update

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The start of this week wasn't much fun at the Dub household. On Sunday night, Sammy woke up with the flu which cursed him until Tuesday. On Monday, Doug caught it, came home from work sick and stayed home Tuesday. Wednesday morning, Max woke up puking and consequently missed school Wednesday and Thursday.Gabe and I somehow managed to avoid the scourge and we were all able to enjoy a day off on Friday.

Despite all the upheaval earlier in the week, (pun intended) we have had some rays of sunshine. For example, SUNSHINE! Monday was hands-down the nicest day of the year. When Doug came home sick at lunch, he found Gabe and I on the trampoline soaking up the sun. When I came in to make pb&j's, he proceeded to take a restorative nap mid-tramp. It felt so good to walk outside with short sleeves and not have to worry about an icy breeze or sleet storm!

In other news, some neighbors of ours have FINALLY arrived home after an extended Spring Break trip to Singapore! (Evidently they don't fly hops on Good Friday. Who knew?) When their 3rd grade son Jonathan arrived on our doorstep Thursday morning to pick-up Max, (to walk to school) he was rewarded with two skinny arms being flung around his neck for a three minute long hug! Max has really been missing his friend!

Speaking of Max, I just heard from his teacher that I'm not required to meet with her for a Parent/Teacher conference this round. Why? Because he's doing REALLY WELL!!!! HOORAY! (And no, he's not being medicated!) There have been a few issues through-out the year, (including one trip to the Vice Principle for elbowing a little boy in the stomach), but other than that, he's doing great!

What about Sammy-Boy you ask? Well, he hasn't had to be carried screaming to the carpool car in days! That's about all I can say at the moment. (Update: Sammy came very close to being carried screaming to our car this morning for church.)

Since I updated you on the oldest two, I may as well keep going...

Gabe is alternately sweet and stinkerish. He has taken to calling "Mom-mom-mom-mom-mom-mom!" non-stop all day, every day--while following me from room to room. He drools like a leaky faucet, loves his "dee-dee" (binky) and his brothers; Ahsss and No-name. (When I say "Can you say 'Sam'?" he shakes his head, glares, and says "Uh-uh!") He loves jumping on the trampoline with the big boys and has to be watched extra carefully now that he knows how to open the front door and escape to the great beyond. (Which is wherever his brothers are.)

Doug is enjoying work because he gets to do lots of cool stuff. Like poke and prod and graft and stitch and saw and drill in little people's mouths. (I'm pretty sure those are all the technical terms.)

I am immensely enjoying my new gig as a pottery teacher. I teach two nights a week this month. (Wheel on Wednesday, Hand-building on Thursday.) and one class for home-schooled kids for an hour on Friday. (Gabe gets to come to that one with me.) I'm raking in the dough (about $8/hour) and am planning to buy a beach house in Carlsbad with my newly acquired wealth.

It really is a fun job and I'm extremely proud of all of my students. Especially this one:

Well, this is starting to sound like my Christmas letters, so I think that means I should wrap up. (Get it? Christmas...wrap...like wrapping paper....boy, I'm funny.)

Stay tuned for "Japan Day" and "Tales From The Party Bus" coming soon.

-The End-

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Melonie said...

Hey - thanks for leaving your awesome comment on my blog. You're very welcome for the Following. You can repay me by inviting me to the beach house in Carlsbad. heh heh.

Cannot wait to read Tales from the Party Bus. This should be good.

jen said...

thanks for the update:) ur boys are so dang big!!

Foot Handle Pete said...

Sounds like y'all are doing well. Bummer about the upchucking. Wish I could take your pottery class. Last time I did that was at Aspen grove. Were you guys married yet? I made a thunder mug. (looked a lot like a toilet, so I made a lid.)

Linz said...

Oh, I loved this update! I didn't know you did pottery! If I were in Japan, I would totally take a class from you!!! And I want a beachhouse invite too!

Your boys are looking so big and darling! I am glad everyone is feeling better and that it is sunny!

Lisa said...

I love the picture of your boys in their dressy clothes, they look very handsome. I can't believe how much Gabe has grown up lately.

Crimen said...

those ARE the technical terms AND they are what makes most of our days happy. most of my exercise is acquired by poking, and sawing and drilling, etc.

marissa said...

I'm so glad you did an update! I can't believe how big your boys are getting! Crazy! I still picture them all the ages they were when we left SF!