Dec 20, 2007

Know Your Religion

Recently Elder Ballard gave a talk encouraging listeners to use new media, including blogs, to have religious discussions. Now, generally I avoid topics I can't mock ruthlessly, but I'm an extremely obedient and curious girl. So here goes...

Here's what I want to know:

  • If you are reading this, and you are not a Mormon, what is your religious affiliation?
  • What is one thing you want Mormon's to know about your religion?
  • What is one thing you want to know about Mormons or Mormonism?
  • Who sent you the funniest Christmas Card this year?
  • Do you know who Mitt Romney is?
  • Mormon readers: what religions are you curious about and what questions do you have?
  • Does anyone else really REALLY want "The Clapper" for Christmas?

Let's recap: Me=obedient and curious. You=cooperative and comment-prone.

Now, twalk amongst yourselves! (And then leave a comment.)

Dec 17, 2007

Woah Snow and Other Matters

*Rhode Island is a small state. And evidently, they have a small amount of snow removal equipment. Because when it snows here, the state pretty much shuts down. Thus, church yesterday was cancelled because of a paltry (at least by Utah standards) amount of snow. Not that I'm complaining or anything! It was awesome.

We decided that it would be okay to play in the snow on the Sabbath as long as we communed with nature and appreciated the beauty of the earth while we were at it. So the boys (reverently) built an awesome sled run down our hill, and then after dark built an igloo on the back deck. I mostly stayed inside with Babe though D did get me out on the sled for a few runs. (It was pretty awesome. And spiritual.) Go to Doug's blog to see a movie and pictures.

*Dear Friends and Family,
Some of you have the extremely smart and thrifty idea of posting your Christmas letter and picture on your blog. That's fabulous! Now, if you could just print both of those out, put them in an envelope and mail them to me, that would be great. I really really like getting Christmas cards in the mail. It's pretty much my favorite thing about December. That's not going to be a problem for you, right?

*Many of you know that I'm somewhat addicted to Hot Chocolate. In San Francisco, there were LOTS of cold, foggy mornings to break out the Spray Whip and tea kettle. And lots of friends nearby to partake with. Here...not so much. So, whereas before I was a social drinker, now I'm a closet drinker. But I'm fine with it. Don't judge me.

Anyway, my favorite "basic" hot chocolate is "Stephen's" brand. I used to buy it in bulk at Costco whenever I was in Utah. (It's a product of Utah.) I could find it in California, but it wasn't common and it was very expensive. Of course, I had no expectation or hope of finding it here in RI, so last time my mom came to visit she had to pack a #10 can for me.

But then...a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! I was in Sam's Club the other day, (I hate it, but the nearest Costco is in Massachusetts) and what to my wondering eyes did a appear?
A box (of 28 single serving packets) of Stephen's Peppermint Candy Cane Hot Chocolate!
I couldn't believe it! I grabbed a box and raced home with my treasure. When Doug saw it, he was about to protest my splurge until he saw that it was Stephen's. We made some immediately. And guess what. It is SO GOOD! SO GOOD! In my opinion, it's even better than Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate because it's a little bit sweeter.

Conclusion: It's good. Really good. If you ever see it in the store, BUY IT!
(Yes STEPHEN'S, you can send me some free product now!)

*Merry Christmas!

Dec 15, 2007

6 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Me

I hope you're happy Jen Ross!

#6 When I was twelve years old I found a stock broker in the Yellow Pages and bought a few shares of Disney Stock with my babysitting money. I still have them. And until a few years ago I still had the stock broker. I miss you Bonnie.

#5 Every single year I ask for a Chia Pet and "The Clapper" for Christmas. And I never get either one. But one year (around age 11) I did get a Dust Buster.

#4 I was engaged to someone else before Doug. We broke up on Christmas day.

#3 Based on the number of unexcused absenses I had my senior year, I should not have graduated.
#3a. I graduated because teachers always liked me.

#2 I secretly want a puppy even though I unsecretly hate dogs.
#2a. Doug and I had a pet snake that got cooked to death over Christmas vacation because of a faulty thermostat. (Our apartment did NOT smell good when we got home.)

#1 I can't "tag" people to do blog meme's because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by leaving them out.
#1a. Once my friends and I wanted to toilet paper a whole block of houses so we wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. But the cops caught us before we even started.
#1b. I still feel bad for every time I was ever mean to anyone ever in my entire life.
#1bi. I'm sorry if I was ever mean to you or ever hurt your feelings. I'M SORRY!!!

Tag. You're all "it".

Dec 10, 2007

Dec 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Max!

Six of my favorite things about Maxwell:

1. He has a fabulous smile and an awesome giggle.
2. He's a great big brother to Gabe (always) and Sam (sometimes).
3. He's got great pirate moves.
4. He loves books, being read to, and is learning to read.

5. He's smart, curious, and helpful.
6. He says things like "I can carry that Mommers 'cause I'm stronger than lightning!"
6a. He calls me Mommers.

Happy Birthday Maxwell-Boy! We love you!!!

***For Maxwell's Cake this year, I found a Texas Sheet Cake recipe on It was so good and easy to make, I'm putting it on my recipe blog!