Oct 25, 2007

Weekend in Vermont

I've been meaning to post some of the pictures from our Vermont trip a few weekends back. But when you have 200 pictures to work with, it can be a bit daunting.

Doug's parents invited us to come and stay with them in a beautiful cabin by a lake in the midst of some of the most beautiful fall foliage I've ever seen. We did a lot of sight-seeing including visiting an awesome old farm and the birthplace of Joseph Smith. It was one of our favorite New England Adventures to date!

Thanks Mom and Dad Dub!
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Anonymous said...

great pictures! I miss New England this time of year.

Bartimaeus said...

I love VT

Anonymous said...

so pretty. i love vermont, it is one of my favorite places ever! the boys look so cute in their matching sweaters and your hair is looking so cute. (the trees and leaves look good too!)

mr. underhill said...

Did you guys really have to canoe to church?

Anonymous said...

I always thought dip, dip and swing was in the water.