Oct 12, 2007

Fall Decor

My sister-in-law, Mrs. Dub, of Musings and Misadventures fame, wanted to see how people are decorating for Fall. And since I was in need of some posting inspiration, I've decided to oblige!

As I was gazing around the house a few weeks ago, I determined that the spring flowers in my wall sconces needed to go. So I found some Fall-ish flowers and swapped 'em out. Then, in an attempt to cover up the ugly wire stems, I had a stroke of brilliance and added the Candy Corns! (Genius, eh?) The only problem is, I'm always craving Candy Corns now. And only convincing myself that they're stale is keeping me for robbing the decorations!

Anyway, this is my favorite decoration at the moment: Next we have my Cornucopia. We had one of these growing up and it came out for every Thanksgiving. When my mom wanted to get me out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day, she'd send me into the Family Room to arrange the gourds. I finally acquired my own "Horn of Plenty" last year and I love it. It's a little sparsely populated at the moment, but I'll get some apples in there for filler.
Now we come to where the decorative harmony just falls apart. Below is a picture of my refrigerator. Recently, Doug's sister Lisa and her husband Rich came to visit. They had gifts for all of us and mine was an adorable ceramic pumpkin filled with Peanut Butter Cups. (How awesome are they???) After Max got caught with his hand in it a few too many times, I cleared the top of the fridge and put it up there with another cute little ceramic pumpkin candle.
That's #1.

For #2, I put our sound activated witch up there...also to keep out of reach of children.

And then #3 started to accumulate. That's the stack of things that are in "time out". It includes Sam's Blanket, a couple of pirate swords, and a bunch of Cars that the boys left out.
You'll notice the pile is spilling over.

Of course, the front of the fridge didn't stay clear for long and it acquired a poseable skeleton, a fall landscape, and two more scary school projects including the one-eyed spider (#4).

It may not be beautiful or "Martha" worthy, but I've made my peace with child induced chaos. (sort of) And I can always eat some of the decorative Candy Corn if I need to.


Mrs. Dub said...

but the fridge has a certain "shabby chic"ness to it. and you failed to explain the modge-podged pumpkins in the cornucopia. hello, em! you know i love me some modge podge.

thanks for doing this! i feel inspired already, as i was already toying with filling vases with candy corn.

Anonymous said...

Those candy corns - stale or not - wouldn't last an hour with me around! For someone who doesn't like candy unless it's covered in chocolate - I love them corns! And the mallow pumpkins too. Nice fridge. Doesn't that push your ocd button just a bit??

acte gratuit said...

I also really love mod-podge. BUT, those pumpkins are made out of cloth. My old neighbor Heidi showed me how to make them.

1)Buy cute fall fabric.
2)Cut into a large circle.
3)Put a knot in the end of a piece of embroidery floss. Stich a long in-out-in-out stich around the edge and then pull it like a drawsting to gather the top.
4) Put a few beans or rice in the bottom for weight, and stuff the rest with cotton or batting.
5) Force your husband to forage for appropriately sized sticks, and cut them with your cheap hand held jig saw into the right length.
6) Stick "stem" in the top.
7) Glue if you must.
8) Ask yourself if it was worth the effort.
9) Answer: Sorta.

Jenn said...

Those candy corn would of been gone a long time ago if around my house. Who cares if they're stale. Very cute decos for fall.

Jen said...

Very cute decor. I agree with your favorite on that.

Leisha Mareth said...

So cute! I love the candy corn stroke of genius! Do tell where you got your horn of plenty? We have 2 mini ones we put out on the table at Thanksgiving, but they aren't really "fill-able"

Lanes said...

I love the sconces. I mean who can go wrong with the word, sconce. So cute Em, fall decor is for sure my favorite.

Linz said...

I love the candy corn flowers!

go boo boo said...

I love the fridge kiddo decor. And I love the candy corns, but I know I would eat them.

acte gratuit said...

Cornucopia is from a "Home Interiors" party. I checked and they no longer sell them, but you can probably get one on e-Bay!

Thanks for all the comments, Mrs. Dub readers! I feel so popular!

Carina said...

Very cute!