Oct 18, 2007


You've all heard the expression "I painted myself into a corner."

But what you haven't heard is the lesser known, and yet much more serious phrase;

"I've tiled myself into a bathtub."

Next step: Remove Emily's least favorite color from the wall.


Jenn said...

Ha that is totally funny!! Something I would do!

Anonymous said...

Wow so ambitous... I love it... hey that was the same color on our walls when we moved in & was the first to go..... Love you guys.... (thanks for the call I'm doing well Love you Em)

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Buggie. Are you a dentist or a sub-contractor?

Linz said...

NICE! The tile looks pretty! Good job Doug!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahaha. hahahahahahahaha. hahahahahahahahaha. tooooooooooooo funny!!!! did he sleep there?