Dec 21, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things


Hawaiian Coconut Creche and Costco Creche

Willow Tree Creche and Doug's Jerusalem Creche

Honeymoon Mexico Creche

Kid Friendly Creches. (I love the Little People version)

Christmas Cards:
(Especially when they come with a picture and/or letter)

After today, I need to start a new door.


Awesome gift from BFF Ang. The Jan Pienkowski illustrations are awesome.

"The Sweet Smell of Christmas"
I'm pretty sure this book is older than I am. The Scratch 'n Sniff stickers don't smell anymore, but I try every year anyway. Luckily I remember exactly what they used to smell like 20 years ago.

German Spinny Thing:

Doug got it on his mission. I really like it in theory...because it involves fire. But in actuallity, the propellers always fall off and we can't light the candles because we only have one set.


Mayflower ornament. Ships in bottles are just really cool.

Handprint Santa: made by Max and (*sniff*) San Francisco Trolley

From my childhood. The rocking horse says "Emily 1978" on the other side. All of my siblings had a different one from Grandma Call.

I love Christmas!!!!!


Linz said...

OH! What a great post! I love Christmas too! I love all of the Nativites! We also have a German Spinny thing (I am sure both our hubbies flinched at that descriptoin!) but our candles melted at some point, so they are bent! M's parents let us bring home the BIG one that Michael got for them and it is so neat! 4 leavels of Christmas spinning fun!!

Thank you for this sweet post! Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo German spinny thing with fire.

Very nice.