Dec 15, 2006

Christmas Time In New York

Last weekend we ventured south to New York for a quick over-night visit. We went with another family in our ward who also have two (adorable) little kids. We left Saturday morning early and came home late Sunday night. It was a really fun trip, but I'm afraid we brought home colds as a souvenier and have been suffering ever since. Here are a few of the highlights!

Christmas Tree at "The Rock" (Rockafeller Center). One word: HUGE! (It was too bright to get a great picture. It was one of our first stops of the morning.)

Yes, that's right. These two poor children are leashed. (But very humanely! Oh yeah, and we like to call it a tether!) I know, I know...I too, said I'd NEVER do this to a child. But knowing we would be in such a HUGE city at such a BUSY time of year, I was all for it. This is Sammers with his friend Laney while we waited to get into the ice scating rink.

Only the big boys got out on the ice. The rest of us stayed warm inside with Hot Chocolate. I didn't think they'd last long but both Max, and his buddy Trace, got good quick and stayed out a long time!!!

I'm too lazy to post the rest of these pics through Blogger, so please enjoy my first every slide show!


Linz said...

Wow! That looks like it was a fabulous trip!! How fun! Oh, and cool slide show!

Anonymous said...

:) cools. guess whose birthday it was on wednesday? ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with dunn, that imbeded slide show is tight. I think that's what "the kids" are saying these days.

Anonymous said...

That leash picture just reminded me of when Max was playing in the courtyard with us and some grandma walked by with a kid on a leash and Max said, "look at that doggy" and all the kids stared. It was hilarious.

Aldea Ladies said...

My Christmas is really going to suck! Glad you are enjoying yours. I sure miss you.