May 2, 2006

I don't get it, but I like this guys style.

While visiting Rhode Island, I made an interesting discovery. It just so happens that it is the "Dunkin Donuts" capital of the world. Not only are they on every corner, they're on every corner of each side of the street. I don't think I've ever before darkened the doorway of the afore mentioned establishment, but while house-hunting with my realtor we stoped for mid-day refreshment two days in a row. She for iced coffee, me for a chocolate chip muffin. Which is how I came to be searching for chocolate chip muffin recipes at home a week later and stumbled on the website. Turns out, although the recipe I tested didn't turn out, I appreciate this guys style. See below example: Tom Cruise And Hominy Grits - By Mr Breakfast
The other night, I was sitting in the hot tub of my apartment building thinking about grits. I had been struggling to understand grits for sometime and that evening was no exception. The difference between hominy grits and corn grits was particularly perplexing. I gently laid my hand on the surface of the bubbling water and allowed my thoughts to relax with my body. The water supported the weight of my open fingers and my entire arm seemed to float. I extended the other arm into the state of weightlessness. Next went my feet. With every limb now floating and my body in the shape of a limp letter "U", I had an unusual thought.

I wondered if Tom Cruise had ever done what I was doing. Certainly he had a hot tub. Was it possible that Tom Cruise sometimes sat in the hot tub and mused about his hand floating? Had he ever tried to block the jets of air with his toes as I often did? In that moment, Tom Cruise didn't seem so different from me. We were both human… made of the same basic stuff. Most of things I did, he did too. He brushed his teeth. He watched TV. He caught colds. And he might have even enjoyed his own hand floating in the hot tub. We were just two kernels of corn prepared in different ways. And alas, I had my answer!

Tom Cruise is to humanity what grits are to corn. It was so simple, yet so genius. My struggle was at an end.

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