May 24, 2006

10 Things I'll Miss About San Francisco

10. Painted Ladies and all of the other old buildings and cool architecture.

9. Tons of awesome parks

8. Sour Dough Bread and fresh seafood

7. The "Diversity" : )

6. Fog rolling up our hill

5. The Weather

4. The Restaurants
"Chou Chou" French Bistro and "Silverspoon Thai Kitchen" are two favorites.

3. The Golden Gate Bridge (The color is actually "International Orange")

2. The Most Beautiful Scenery on Earth

1. Awesome friends we've made and crazy people we've met!


Cap'n Bosworth J. Shrimpstain said...

Congrats! This blog received the OFFICIAL Cap'n Shrimpstain Seal of Approval!


Cap'n Bosworth J. Shrimpstain
Beverly Hills, California

Adriane said...

Bush Man! Yeah!

You'd be surprised how long it was before I found out that San Francisco was at all famous for sourdough bread.

Also, them crazy people better include me.

Anonymous said...

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