Apr 5, 2014

Gray-Gray is FOUR

My sweet little Gray-Gray is growing up!  He was lucky enough to have Grandma W, Aunty Beth, Aunty Steph, and cousins Spence and Anna in town to help him celebrate his fourth birthday.

But first, he got to celebrate with his preschool class and got this awesome crown:

(Guess who was supposed to bring the class snack to preschool that day? Me.
Guess who forgot? Me. Totally out of the running for the Mother of the Year award--again.)

Oh his actual birthday, we had a party down at the pool with above named relatives, and our friends the L and T's.
Sweet cousin Anna
Gray picked this cake from Costco all by himself.
I was just thrilled I didn't have to make an "Olaf" cake.

Gray with Emily T.
(Gray loves Emily T. almost as much as he loves her little brother "Dabid")

Gray got some cool presents and had a great time.

A few things about Gray-Gray:

*He loves me the most and alternately bestows his love on other members of the family depending on what bribes they offer him. I.E. "Gray, I'll give you this piece of gum if you say I'm your favorite brother...!!!"

*Gray loves gum.

*He has the worst potty mouth of any of the boys (at the same age).  I blame having three older brothers.  He throws out "stupid" ("dupid") and "dumb" when he wants attention and usually gets it from his shocked older brothers. I try to act upset, and usually tell him to use nicer words, but with his little speech impediment it's just adorable. Oh, and he also curses you to go in "da hot laba" when he's really mad at you.

*Gray likes to play puppies.  Gray also wants to be a puppy when he grows up.

*Gray likes crepes and demands them for dinner all.the.time.

*He has a very sweet little giggle and gazes adoringly up at you and says "I love you very much!"

*When he is pretend hungry he pretend eats my ear.  He bites it just hard enough to make himself giggle but not hard enough to make me yelp.  Sometimes he walks up behind Doug and bites him on the bottom and we all laugh.  Except Doug.

*He loves riding on Daddy's back in the swimming pool and isn't afraid to do tricks.
Nice form Gray!!
*Gray is just an all-around awesome kid and we love him!

(See this post for some adorable baby pictures.  Too tired to copy and paste them tonight.)

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sweet little sister said...

Fun facts! He's way cute!!