Mar 30, 2012

Good Thing I Know A Guy...!

WARNING:  This post contains graphic tooth images!

Max:  (runs to me sobbing...)  "I was in the garage and I stepped on something and it flew up and hit me in the face!!!"

Me:  "Okay, let me se...WOAH!!!  YOUR TOOTH!!!"  (Not my best parenting moment.)

Max:  "My tooth?  What happened to my tooth???  (feels with tongue...)  MY TOOOOOOOTH!!!"
(more tears.)

Me:  Immediately sends a picture to Doug on his phone.  And calls his office and asked the Front Desk to please interrupt him and have him look at his phone.

Doug:  "Find the missing piece!!!"

Me:  Searched nasty garage floor for 30 minutes and finally recovered missing triangle amidst camouflage "Sport Court" flooring, dust, sand, and popcorn.
Placed it in milk per instructions.  
(Our garage doubles as a play room.  That doesn't mean it's clean though...!)

Doug:  Finishes work, drives an hour to get home, eats dinner, takes Max to the office, and saves the day and the tooth!  (And cleaned and polished M's teeth while he was at it!)
Being married to a pediatric dentist has its perks!!!


Bartimaeus said...

I did not have any exclamation marks after my comment to find the tooth. I was very calm and collected as any professional would be. =)

MandiScandal said...

WHOA!!! That's amazing! who knew you could put the broken part back on?!??! I'm kind of a tad bit impressed here! kudos doug! though, I mean I guess that IS what he does for a living but I kinda feel like he's just a dad that glued the tooth back on.

Linz said...

holy cow...

Lyana said...

Bartimaeus is a true hero!!
Also, I cannot believe that you actually found the pice of the tooth.

AnnaYoung said...

Wait, waht did he step on that flew up and hit him in the face? A rake? Also, totally awesome you found the tooth! Maybe we SHOULD venture down there for a few days for Clara. . . . . .

acte gratuit said...

Of course you should Anna!
After scouring the floor on my hands and knees, I sorta gave up but decided to sweep a little and see if I could find it that way. Once it was in a condensed pile of black sand, it was much easier to spot! So yes, some may say I, and not Doug, am the true hero of the day. But I'll let you decide!

Also Anna, we suspect that it was a plastic GeoTrax staircase. Though Max is not sure since it whizzed past his face so quick!

mama bear said...