Jan 9, 2012

A Few Little January Things

The great thing about January is...
Nothing.  Nothing is great about January.  (Kidding, kidding...)

No, it's that it HAS NOTHING going on.  Which means there is plenty of time to blog all the fun things you did in December.  Which ALWAYS has stuff going on but is too busy to be bothered with.

So I have like 50 posts to write, but they'll all be pre-dated to fall in December in chronological order.  So if you're subscribed to this blog, you'll see 'em all.  If not, you'll have to go back and search.  There are probably a few you haven't read yet.

But here are a few totally unrelated things I have to say about things RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.

*  It's been EXTREMELY nice weather here.  This is my pay-back for living through three HORRENDOUS Misawa winters.  I am now experiencing pure, weather bliss!  (70 sunny degrees, blue skies, cool breeze.)  We had a swim party yesterday.  For realzies.
It's supposed to get colder tomorrow.  (60's!!!)  But I think I can handle it.  I never knew January could feel so...happy!

Cut from our yard the other day.
 *  We're doing our first major marketing campaign starting today.  We have a postcard (with coupons) going out to something like 5,000 homes.  Hopefully, it brings in some new customers!  At the very least, we're hoping it brings in enough new work to pay for itself.

*  It should be noted (for historical purposes only) that my youngest son, my angelic Baby Gray, has pre-maturely entered the terrible twos.  Yes, yes...he's still extremely angelic and adorable.
But now he shrieks at us.
A lot.
All day long.  If he wants a bottle, he shrieks.  If he wants attention, he shrieks.  If he's just out of bed and he's cranky and you look at him and smile, he SHRIEKS!  We all love it very, VERY much.
Play date at the park with neighbor friends!

*  None of my kids has ever played with scissors and messed up their hair.  (Little Madeleine cut her hair at my house, on my watch, at least three times.  But Gabey didn't!)  Anyway, that is until now.  The other day Max (yes, the TEN year old) had some hair that wasn't cooperating and staying combed.  So he cut it off.  And he trimmed up his sideburns while he was at it.  It was awesome.  He spent all of Christmas vacation with chopped up hair and we just left it alone.

*  Speaking of Max, how's home school going?  Glad you asked!
I'll tell you later.
(We're switching to a new charter school, but haven't gotten our new books yet.  I'll let you know how it goes.)

*  Speaking of having four boys, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm going to let you in on a little secret:
It's loud here.
It's loud in this house pretty much every minute of every day that we're in it.
It's just obnoxiously loud.
Now you know.  (Wanna come visit????)
Sunrise as seen from my bed.
On a rare occasion when I opened my eyes for 30 seconds to see it.
D snapped picture, I went back to sleep.

Last but not least, I have something I'd like to discuss:

* A question about Christmas Cards.  I'm still getting a few trickling in.  But there are some friends I haven't heard from yet.  Some friends skip a year here or there, some went electronic years ago.  Some...have just stopped sending cards.  And it's been a few years.  My question is, when should I stop sending cards to them?  When does sending continual cards become harassment?  How do I know when my cards are just annoying?  How do YOU decide someone gets x-d from your list?  ('Cause I would still send cards to every person I've ever met ever ever ever if I could afford it...so I'm a little clueless about this.)  Please discuss!

And that's all I've got.  It is only January after all!


mountainmama said...

Christmas Cards always send them to me. One year I will get on the ball and mail Christmas cards again. My excuse for not doing them this year is I had a baby. Categories for sending cards
A- Family
B- Close Friends (even if they do not send you one, maybe one year they will start :)
C- People who send you cards
This list of course is in no particular order.
Notice not on my list are ex-college boyfriends , you might have some cutting back to do Em :)

randa_joy said...

Don't you just love comments from random strangers? Ha! Here goes. First January rocks because it's my birthday. the whole month. Second, I'm really glad you guys survived your time in Japan and hope your business grows leaps and bounds! Third, moms of boys always think they have the corner on LOUDness and rowdiness and messiness but I can tell you I have three girls and I honestly think they would give your boys a run for their money. Finally, if you don't mind sending out cards with no reciprocation I'm sure the recipients are not feeling harassed/annoyed but glad to get them and are maybe just too overwhelmed or broke or whatever.

acte gratuit said...

Anna, You make me laugh...! (Said in the voice of MegaMind.) But, okay fine, I'll cut David Black!

Randa_Joy, I love comments no matter WHERE they come from! (Assuming they're not from haters.)
And you're not fooling me. I've seen little girls actually PLAY QUIETLY before. Something my boys cannot even comprehend! :)
:) Thanks for the comment! And you're not a total stranger because I'm pretty sure you've commented before. :)
Thanks for the good wishes!

AnnaYoung said...

You can keep sending us Christmas cards. Jsut knwo I never do them. I think i sent them once. 5 years ago. It was our first or second year of marriage. But I ALWAYS answer requests for my newest address! So you can also take that as saying 'yes please, send me my card this year! :)