Dec 26, 2011

Trip to Utah!

Twelve hours, and a few pears to get to...

Grandma Fae and John's house!

FINALLY!  Play-doh time with Grandma Fae.
Being popular is exhausting
Bowling at Doug's Alma Mater:  BYU.
Doug rockin' Ms. Pac-Man.

Then heading farther North to see the W's.

Angry Birds

Snuggle and bottle with Aunt Beth and Spence

Snuggle and bottle with Grandma W.

Just as long as I have a bottle, I'm good.
Grandma Fae met us at Temple Square in S.L.C. to see the lights.

The boys were impressed.

The lights were lovely as usual.

Mother and Son(s)
New Year's Eve Fondue Party at Aunt Lisa's.  Yum!

Gray was into it.

Monster Tree

Puppy Love (ick!)

Happy New Year!!!

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