Dec 10, 2011

Max is 10!

Max turned 10 at the beginning of the month and since it's an even-age year, he got to have a friend party.  He invited his friends from church and school and we had a big crowd.

(Somehow I had convinced myself that sending out invites sorta late and it being a busy Dec. weekend would equal low turn-out.  I was wrong.)

We repeated a party used when he was 5. (before we had four kids and firmly declared the "only every other year" friend party rule.)

We made decorated Gingerbread houses.

Obviously, anything involving multiple bowls of candy and kids is going to be a big success.
It was popular with the five year olds, and it was popular with the ten year olds.

I imagine it would be popular at 12 and 14 too.
(Though at 16 you may have to add Spin-the-Candy-Cane to make it a real crowd pleaser.)

When the houses were done and hot chocolate with copious amounts of mini-marshmallows consumed, things started getting a little out of hand.
Noise and energy levels were reaching critically high levels.
So Doug was brought in to conduct the games.
We played "Fruit Basket"
and "On the Blanket, Off the Blanket"
Controlled chaos is much better than regular chaos.  But no quieter.
Last we opened presents.

A real crowd pleaser was the 2-liter of Diet Coke, Mentos, and handy Geyser Tube.  We went outside exploded it immediately.  (See YouTube for more Coke/Mentos action!)

Party tip:  Making things explode is always a big hit.

Lastly, we came in and watched a YouTube video of a Mentos and Coke propelled car.

At the end of the party, everyone got to take their decorated house home as their party favor.
I heard a few "BEST PARTY EVER"s so I think everyone had a good time.

Now if only I could motivate myself and Max to write the thank-you notes...!

Happy Birthday Max!
Here are 10 things I love about you:
10.  You have super cute dimples.
9.  You sing when you eat.
8.  You're extremely nice to little kids.
7.  You're very helpful to your Mommy.
6.  You love to learn new things
5.  You're creative
4.  You love to read!  (This makes me so happy...!)
3.  You're a great big brother and (usually) a good example to your little brothers!
2.  You've inherited your parents sarcastic sense of humor.  (Wait, do I love this???)
1.  You're just a darn good kid!

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