Jan 20, 2010

Things I Hate

I'm in a bad mood. Not so much bad as just...not good. And I've been thinking about things I hate.
See, I'm not a big hater. I don't hate people. That's too exhausting. And generally, I'm pretty much okay with life. But once in awhile, (January) I get ticked off...at myself, or someone else but mostly just at an annoying behavior or thing.

My neighbor told me when she thinks of me, she thinks I'm "all sweetness and light."

HA! I'll show her!!!

So, here it goes: My list of sourness and dark:

1. January. I hate January. It's cold, gray, and anti-climactic. Even if it's not cold (I'm talking to you, San Diego) it's STILL anti-climactic. What is there to look forward to in January? Nothing, that's what. Poop on January.

2. Dell computers and India-based tech support.
(But I do LOVE my Mac... NO stop it! This is a NEGATIVE post.)

3. Boy Cargo Pants. I've blogged about them before.

4. Hair. Hair that is detached from the head. Hair in brushes and combs. Hair on the floor. Black hair on my things. (Because I know without a doubt it's not mine.) Just HAIR! ICK!
Just say YES to Universal Laser Hair Removal!!! It's a fundamental RIGHT!!!

5. Allergies. I've been sniffling and sneezing ever since I got to Japan. All.Year.Long. Allergy meds help, but only a little. I still sniffle and I still go through a box of Puffs every few days. I'm allergic to Japan!

6. Sometimes I hate the halls after church. I'm not a big fan of loitering to begin with. But you put me in a cramped church for three hours, deprive me of protein, give me three or more kids to wrangle, and you can expect me to exit said cramped church as quickly as possible after 1 o'clock...Must get home. Must remove painful shoes, tights, slip, and skirt. Must eat. Must nap. In that order. Must NOT loiter or be sociable! (Sorry friends. It's a personal problem.)

7. Cereal fused to my kitchen counter/table/floor with dried milk. It takes a hammer and chisel to remove that crap!

8. Whiny bloggers who complain about stuff they hate.

I could go on but...
my neighbor just called.

She said she adds Vitamin D to her daily smoothies and she hasn't gotten seasonal blues this year.

*tortured sigh*

FINE! I'll try it.

...but I'll still always hate January!!!

P.S. After grocery shopping today, I have two more things to add:
* Maternity pants that don't stay up. (all maternity pants)
* And raw tomatoes. Yuck. (Had to buy some for Doug's salsa.)

P.P.S. Not to ruin the feel of this post, but I have to say this. Right after writing this cranky rant, I clicked on THIS link from THIS blog. I must admit...I LOVE this video of Susan Boyle's first performance.
It made me cry. (Dang pregnancy hormones! I HATE pregnancy hormones!)


Linz said...

I'm so with you on #6 and #7. Poo on those.

Beeswax said...

I'm hating on everything, too. But it isn't weather related. Love the weather here in January.

I think it mostly has to to with being unwieldy and itchy. That's just itchy, without any B.

Let's just skip to March, shall we?

Marni said...

I COMPLETELY agree with #6. Ric wonders why I try to BOLT from the Church and then when we're home, I'm the first one peeling everything off! (Now though...Ric is the Ward Financial Clerk...meaning he's couting the tithing, etc. after Church. So we wait around. *sigh*)

Nancy Sabina said...

I hate the halls after church, too! I'm a pretty social person, but never after church.

Way to just have a grumpy day!

Adriane said...

Dell computers are the pits. They're basically my new job and they make me want to explode.

mr. underhill said...

I feel ya on the Dell support. Ridiculous! It's infuriating! And why is their answer always "let's reset it to factory settings." Unbelievable.