Jan 5, 2010

Items of Note/Notorious Items

*Gabey gave me his first compliment yesterday:
(While petting my just-out-of-the-shower, still wet and uncombed hair...)
"Mama! Yo heh so han-some!!!"
Yep, he's pretty cute. Think I'll keep him.

*Doug is going to Thailand soon for a three week long humanitarian mission. (He's very excited and I'm sure he'll blog all the details soon.) At the end of his trip I'm going to fly down and meet him for 3 or 4 days. (Leaving the kids here.) I'm excited not just to see a cool new country, but to get out of the COLD, WET, YUCKY weather for a few days!

On the way home we're going to try to fit in a visit to the Tokyo L.D.S. temple (my first time) which is an added bonus!

*Yesterday, here in Misawa, it alternated raining and snowing all day long. This created an enormous amount of SLUSH...which I had to walk in and drive in (since Tuesday is Commissary/grocery shopping day.)
I didn't like it.
--End of complaint--

*Last Friday Doug and I went on a date and got really yummy tempura rice bowls. They were REALLY YUMMY! (We also ordered sushi. Unfortunately, we forgot to ask for "no wasabi" so my first (and last) bite burned out my entire nasal cavity. But I learned an important lesson: I still don't like wasabi.)

*Doug got us the latest season of "24" for an early Christmas present and we started watching it over the break. We're about half way through. I'm really worried about Jack. And Tony really let me down. Sometimes I worry about it during the day. Evidently, I can't take this kind of drama when I'm pregnant.

*Speaking of pregnancy, we got the results of the Amnio. (We got the Amnio because an early screening showed an indicator for Down Syndrome.) The results are; Baby is healthy! And still, definitely, 100% a boy!

*Speaking of pregnancy again, Doug said the other day "This pregnancy is so different, if I didn't know we were having a boy I'd think you were having a girl."

So it has been with all my pregnancies. Different morning sickness, different cravings, different symptoms. This time, I'm emotional. See, in my normal life, I'm not a crier. But lately, I cry at the drop of a hat. Hearing a sad story, reading a sad e-mail, (or a happy e-mail) talking to Janeen about Merrill, (who is deployed) watching "24"...all can make me tear up.

Doug thinks it's hilarious. So I punch him in the arm and feel better. (Plus, with this kid I'm gaining weight exponentially. The holidays were not easy on my bottom. I AM trying to eat better but did you know they make CHRISTMAS Cadbury Mini Eggs now? Only they're balls not eggs? It's TRUE! I ate half a bag just last night!)

*We are almost half way through our time here! Woah! Time flies. Better get your visit in SOON! (I'm talking to Call's, Gibson's and Whitacre's. I've given up on the rest of you.)


I think now I've covered everything.

--The End--


Adriane said...

Thailand sounds so awesome. I should probably not pretend I know THAT much about it, since most of my images of Thailand are from America's Next Top Model Cycle 6, but forealz, it sounds awesome.

Naomi said...

I am embarrassed to admit to how many bags of Cadbury Christmas balls I ate. Sometimes I think it would be better if they were sold year-round so I didn't feel the need to shove the entire limited supply into my face.

Linz said...

What? Christmas mini eggs? How did I miss those?

Sorry about the crying! Have fun in Thailand and kiss that sweet little Gab for me!

Loved this post!

Beeswax said...

Sorry about you bum. I honestly can't figure out why I've gained so much weight. I feel like it doesn't matter what I do or don't eat, my body does what it likes. My first pregnancy I gained 50 pounds, my third only like 15 (baby was 5 weeks early, to be fair). But still. They are all so different. Only common denominator seems to be the terrible nausea.

Have fun in Thailand!

Lyana said...

Cadbury Christmas balls?? Here? At the commissary?..oh wait, I made a deal with myself to not buy any more chocolate....except for special guests for weird game nights. (Or should I say for weird guests and weird game nights?)
Weather has been strange for sure.
...and you ARE very handsome.
I'll come visit you sometime in the next year and a half, ok?

Unknown said...

And here I was excited that you just might have a Down Syndrome baby....:) especially after your visit home..Preslie LOVED you! Then they could grow up and play and be DS best friends, that is if you are ever back in my partof the world! :) But glad baby boy #4 is healthy and you are doing well and enjoying your cadbury eggs! :) Love and miss you Em!